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Honda Spada 250 High Idle Rpm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BroodSoldier, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. So i just got my First bike 2 weeks ago, Decided on a Honda Spada 250. Now when it comes to bikes im clueless. So was pretty happy to find one which was 20,000 and ran pretty clean for 1200. Although a few days ago the Revs Idle a little High between 3000, sits at about 3000 after a rev and slowly or Quickly Drops to 2000. ( quite Random). I read somewhere about Rubber Mounts around the Carby. Can anyone Point me in the Right Direction?

  2. welcome aboard :)

    congrats on the bike, cant help with the mechanicals unless you need bad advice :)

    good luck with it
  3. Thanks jeffco,
    Yeah overall pretty happy with it. I'm alright with cars but bikes different story.
  4. Perished rubber in the carby can lead to inconsistent air flow but if the bike performs OK otherwise, i.e. accelerates cleanly and doesn't stall then the first thing to try would be to adjust the idle speed screw down a bit.

    Choke can be an issue with idle speed as well so make sure the choke cable hasn't kinked and is opening and closing the choke properly.
  5. Throttle cables kinked and/or sticking
    Return springs weak/missing
    Throttle tube sticking

    This sounds like a safety issue, a sticking throttle is not good for any rider, let alone a learner.
    If you aren't mechanically inclined, take it to a motorbike mechanic and get it investigated and corrected.
  6. Well I've put it in 1st to see If it takes off irratically with the higher revs. which was my first worry. It drives normally with the exception of revs sitting higher. Although this isn't an issue when the choke is on. It sits at its ussual 1200 Mark. I'll try adjust the idle screw. Mechanically I'm okay, just never having owned a bike before it's just difficult to know where to start. I'll try these later.
  7. Correct idle with the choke on points to perished rubber / sucking too much air making it run lean / fast.

    I take it you have checked to see if it has an A/filter ? Don't laugh , I have seen more than 1 bike running without one or an incorrect fitting one !
    But you will need to sus out where the extra air is getting in before playing with the carby settings :)
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  8. Unfortunately, have yet to try anything as my sister had to store stuff in my garage in an emergency. So poor spada is boxed in. Haha the air filter I'll be sure to see if it's a correct fit.
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