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Honda SPADA 250 89

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ps8u, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Needing some help!!!

    I have decided to start riding again wooooo!!!, but before i start riding there are a couple of things that i would like to upgrade / fix on my bike.

    Exhaust -

    Wanting to get an exhaust for my bike but i cant seem to find many / none. can anyone suggest any?

    This maybe a stupid question but will a VTR250 full exhaust fit????

    Tyres -

    Could anyone suggest any good tyres for a 250 bike, i have looked on a couple of site but am still left confused as i couldnt find too many that fit my tyre

    F - 100/80-17 52S
    R - 140/70-17 66S

    Your help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure the exhaust is common across the vtr and vt. You don't need a new exhaust unless yours is completely missing. putting a milo tin on a whipper snipper wont make it go faster.

    tyres, stay away from arrowmax. try pirelli sport demons, michelin pilot activ, or possibly metzeler lasertec
  3. Thanks Lilley

    my current exhaust has a couple of dings and all scratched along the side so i was just going to get a cheap exhaust on ebay :]

    Thanks for the info on the tyres
  4. on a 250? is it really that important?
  5. Is the full exhaust buggered or just the muffler? If it's just the muffler, go ebay or just leave it as Lilley suggests.
  6. The problem with the Spada's muffler is that it's all one piece with the exhaust manifold - the muffler is not removable by itself, unlike the VTR.

    The alternatives I came up with on mine were either to cut the Spada's muffler off and get an exhaust shop to weld a flange to suit a VTR muffler, or just 'drill out' the end of your Spada muffler - not as good a noise as a dedicated muffler but better than stock. The second one is what I ended up doing, as it was only my LAMS bike and I didn't want to spend much money on it.

    As to whether the complete exhaust (manifold+muffler) will fit, I'm not sure sorry!

    Tyres, I had a set of Bridgestone BT45s on it first, which weren't bad, then a set of Pirelli Sport Demons which I found a bit better in the curves - although I can't say how much of the improvement was just from having new tyres, rather than the tyre itself.
  7. They must have done that in the later years of the VTR250 if that's right, 'cause every VTR250 I've seen has the stock muffler welded to the headers and B-pipe as one big unit.
  8. Can I ask what's wrong with the arrowmax? I have one on the front of my Spada :S

    Megacycle make mufflers for the Spada, they're about $450. Staintune make one for the VTR250 that they can adapt, ends up north of $700.

    The other option is the <$200 one on eBay, but not sure if it's going to be all that crash hot...

    For tyre recommendations, I just got a Pirelli Sport Demon on the back and don't have any complaints. Not sure if it's any better than the BT45 I had on there, apart from the fact it's not worn out :p

    Is there a Spada club yet? There seems to be plenty of them on NetRider!
  9. Arrowmax are hard, don't grip well, absolutely terrible in wet. They might be ok on the back but I'd definitely prefer to have a sports demon on the front, even just for commuting.

    Again, on the exhaust, its a 22 year old bike and a 250 at that. a $5000 motogp system isn't going to make them any better than they are.

    That's my experience of them too. Welded solid.
  10. Well it's good to hear an opinion! I was going to get a Sport Demon for my next front anyway. Too bad the arrowmax still has heaps of tread on it.
  11. If you haven't had a problem in all the recent cold and rain, no point changing it till it needs to be.