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Honda SL 350 based Cafe Racer

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  1. alanio submitted a new showcase item:

    Honda SL 350 based Cafe Racer

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  2. I love the overall look of this bike, but for me the twin pipes top it off (y) nice work mate!
  3. Thanks for that, I like the look of the twin pipes instead of the usual 2 into 1's it,s a more balanced look in my opinion. Although the original track bike I based this on had tuned 2 into 1's for performance and weight saving also many other performance upgrades this bike does not have.
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  4. Beautiful work. I'd park it on a rug in the lounge just so I could look at it.
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  5. Ooooh baby. How much do you want? :D
  6. cool

    gotta love the megaphones

    there is a guy at the track who cafe'd a (i think) 73 CB350. its got plenty of power and holds its own on the track.

    similar to this one, but still has drums on the front

  7. Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it(y) . Nice looking CB and yes the Honda 350 twins can be made to go really well. The original track bike I built was highly modified with needle roller cam bearings, wild cam and porting, Hi comp pistons, 32 mm smooth bore Mikunis and a tuned 2 into 1 exhaust running aviation fuel. It had no trouble catching a stripped but otherwise unmodified 750 four along the top straight at Broadford, Would do the same on the main straight at Phillip Island but would get pipped for top end before that lovely right hander at the end:woot: . Every one knows these twins vibrate but the increase in revs and characteristics turned the vibes into such a high frequency that you had to reposition your hands and feet several times down the straight as they slid of the bars and pegs:nailbiting: . I would post a pic of the bike but I cannot work out how to post more pics to this thread.
  8. LOVE it. Can I have it please? :p
  9. Wow -- that's hot!! Thanks, Al_Cam :)
  10. Hey, Al_Cam -- yes, the Royal Enfield is the one I mentioned in my original post! Love the look but wonder about the heaviness. Would love to hear from someone who owns one.
  11. Whoops. Sorry I didn't pay more attention.
  12. No worries -- I posted it elsewhere I think :)