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Honda Silver Wing 600cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Scoota Girl, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Hey I heard that Honda are bringing out the Silver Wing 600cc. Has anyone heard anything about it? I currently have a Honda Forza 250 and will be upgrading when I'm off my restrictions.

  2. Hey Scoota Girl

    I've seen the pics and a bit of a report on the Silverwing. Looks like a pretty awesome machine i reckon. But unfortunately got no idea if/when it would come to Oz.

    Let us know if you find out anything.
  3. I rekon your Forza 250 is the best looking scooter out there! If I was going to get a scooter I'd so get your model..the new model looks so fat

    humm...handbrake turns hahah

  4. Thats what my boyfriend keeps joking about :p
    Its actually quite a talking point - what the purpose of the handbrake is

    I can't wait to see the Silverwing and see how big it actually is, I missed it when Julio Languiller rode it around Australia :(
  5. Anyone know the price range for the Silverwing? & if it's available here in Oz?
  6. the instuctor at HART told me that it is coming, but they are just trying to decide on a price. it will definately be over $10,000 - a new yamaha t-max 500 is $12,000 so i would guess a similar price
  7. Niiiice. Looking forward to seeing it when it hits our shores.

    I have to admit, if I was to upgrade tomorrow, it would be to a big fat maxi scoot. I couldn't see myself riding anything less than 250cc unless I really had to.
  8. A guy has just toured around Australia on one of them!

    They are really comfortable to sit on!

    I believe Redwing Honda (Heidelberg) and Jeffrey Honda (FT Gully) both have one at the moment.

  9. ooohhh, Jeffrey is around the corner from me. I might have to pop in today and see :)
  10. Received this from honda:
    "Cannot confirm pricing as of yet, but we expect the Silverwing to arrive in mid Dec.
  11. I finally got to see the Silverwing today at the expo and sit on it! I can't wait to get one :)

    They are apparently going to be ready in late November for $12,000
  12. I had waited 6 months for the new Honda Forza to arrive in Aus, finally gave up two weeks ago and went with a Yamaha T-MAX 500. Boy am i glad I did !

    I figured if i'm spending this kind of money why should I wait. I have heard lots of good things about the TMAX and was more impressed by the design and performance over the Silverwing...and it's available NOW !

    What do you like about the Silverwing?