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Honda Silver Wing 600 owners

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by durum8, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Hi All, just wandering if there are any Silver Wing 600 Honda scoots in Sydney…. Or in Australia, as I’m yet to see another one on the road.


  2. hopefully by September when i'm off my restrictions i will have one - it's so far away :(

    what are they like to ride - i only got to sit on one at the bike show. it felt the same as my forza so i know i'll be comfortable. whats take off from lights like? i cant wait for a bit more power
  3. Hi Scoota Girl, thanks for checking this post. September will be here and gone in no time. My short experience with this scoot has been a good one. I have purchased it 14/12/06 new and have put over 4,000Kms of pleasant ride/commute. As you have imagined, it’s extremely comfortable on medium/long rides (300-450Kms), travels on Hwys/motorways at 120-130Kms/Hr rock solid and is very agile in city traffic. It is heavier than your current ride, but having a low centre of gravity, you will not feel it. It will not match a CBR1000, which I have traded in for this Wing, but has good power, being a twin 600cc, and leaves cars for dead at the lights, guaranteed. It is well built being a Honda and has good storage space under the seat at about 55lts.
    I can only highly recommend the purchase of a scoot like this one as I am perfectly satisfied with it.
    There is a very good forum on Silverwings and believe you should peruse in order to make up your mind. One aspect of this forum is the lack of problems raised by their respectively owners, confirming this scoot to be a good investment and not a liability.
    The link is http://www.silverwing.org/cgi-bin/forum_show.pl with interesting information.
    If you need more info, please notify me again and I’ll send as much data as possible

    Please also check these links from Honda Italia
    http://www.hondaitalia.com/moto/uff...sp?movie=video/2006/silverwing.mp4&data=Video Promozionale&titolo=SilverWing


    Happy scooting