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Honda shoes?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Zdster, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Spotted these shoes the other day and wanted to get your thoughts?

    They are leather with a textile overlay to cover the laces - and are advertised as a motorcycle boot.



    They are made in the US and I thought they might be a good first motorcycle boot for me? Does anyone have a pair of these or have any thoughts? I know these are not full length, but they would be worn with a pair of draggins (or similar) over the top.

    Should I be looking at a different boot as these would be my only pair (for a while at least)?
  2. Depends on what level of protection you're happy with. These aren't going to protect your shins at all and you can bet they won't offer as good ankle protection as a full-length boot either.

    Your choice. I chose full-length. *2c*
  3. Only problem is the rectifier keeps frying itself
  4. No problem, just install from from a pair of late model Reebok's - it's a straight swap.
  5. Boooom-tish one two :rofl:
  6. Thanks for your thoughts guys :). Have decided on going to a full boot instead.
  7. Good to hear, mate. Have you looked at any yet? I've got Sidi Vertigo's myself. Great sport riding boot that's comfy as heck. Very popular.

  8. They look like nice boots. I found a nice pair of Gaerne's that I want to try on again as they seem pretty good plus they have a carbon fibre insert which I liked the idea of.

    I have noticed with most full length boots that they take a bit of getting used to - especially as I have never worn anything apart from a high boot.
  9. They just need to be worn in. The ankles are very stiff to begin with, which can make shifting up a task, but hang in there, it gets easier as the leather softens.

    Don't forget to adjust your shift lever to suit the new boots.
  10. bwahahahhaaha whats the with robocop boots???

    Too funny :)