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Honda Shadow

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, in January through to start of march I spent my time in Thailand.. I hired a Honda shadow 600cc during half my stay there.. the first half was on a 200cc scooter(unfortunately lol!)

    I got use of this bike after 2 weeks and I told my self I'd definitely buy one when I'm back in Australia...

    Who has one, or has had one.. and my first question is... why are they so cheap, in Australia.. even for a 1100cc honda shadow.. they want roughly 5-6k.. I would have thought it'll be more pricey than that?

    are the parts readily available?(I'd assume so!)

    the good and the bad about this bike???
  2. I test rode the shadow before i bought the boulevard, totally different seating position hence why I bought the boulevard, lot more comfy, try other brands before you commit
  3. Might come down to arse size though
  4. I own a 98 vt600 shadow.
    bloody bulletproof and a nicer ride than my brothers 2007 xvs650
    the styling comes down to personal taste i guess. There's not an abundance of aftermarket spares when compared to say the vstar, but everything you need can be sourced from the interwebs. I'm still very happy with my purchase - although it's going once I'm off my lams restrictions.
  5. Mate of mine has a VT750 Shadow. The only thing I've heard him complain about is that the ride is a bit harsh on bad roads - which is most of the roads around here.