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Honda Shadow VT750..opinion wanted :|

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by shadowarrior, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. So, I sold my zx6r off and now looking for a new bike (new to me, second hand for the market).

    I have mostly ridden bikes like the Royal Enfields, Yezdis, RD350s etc...the zx6 was my first sports bike.
    Even though i liked it zipping around, splitting through traffic, I know my back doesn't really like it if I take it out for a long spin.
    Yes, I do have a problem with my back...add 6ft 97kgs to it, and my knees suffer those long kms too.

    My usual riding habits are city commuting and long rides (plan on inter state touring).

    I was looking at either a cruiser or a semi naked tourer/commuter breed, like the gsf1200s bandit.

    Came across a 1998 Honda Shadow (chain drive) ad for $6500 with 30,000kms.

    I have read that changing the rear tyres are a pain in the ass 3hours work for the shadow. If i can over look that, is there any other points I should consider? Need for more power on the freeways? (it being a 745cc) comfort? reliability? availability and price of parts?
    Could you guys recommend me a cruiser within a budget of 6.5k? Something from the year 2000 should be fine with me I guess.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you intend to tour I would recommend anything but a chain.
    Enlighten me if I'm wrong, but you're supposed to lube said chain approximately every 200km's and adjust the tension every 1000.
    And it's not like it's even going to have a centre stand to make lubing the chain every time you pull into a servo...
  3. Hi Shadow,

    Could check out the Suzuki C50/Volusia, not sure if have always been shaft drive or not.
  4. @mountaineer
    yep, the chains do need the regular lubing and tightening. And without a center stand, well, you just have to lube it a bit more often. I definitely was considering either a belt or a shaft drive.

    long time :) you still go for the tuesday night rides?
    yes i was infact looking for a c50. I don't like the m50's tail....so c50 was more of an option to me. But most of the c50s in the ad are a bit out of reach for my budget.
    I have seen you in your bike, so I definitely know that c50 is going to suit me :)
    whats your opinion on the vt750 though (if I manage to find one without a chain drive that is)?
    I was looking at the virago and sportsters as well, but didn't really like them (I need a broader cruiser)
  5. Everyone has their own ideas of how often to clean, lube and adjust, but since getting a shaft drive bike I never ever want to go back to a chain.

    Not sure of your chances of getting a cruiser in good nick for 6.5K however some XVS 650s (shaft drive) are occasionally to be seen around that price.

    If you can bear to go 2.5K more, and want a bigger donk than the 650 there is an excellent M50 bargain here. Shaft drive too!

    (edit) you beat me by a couple minutes, sorry didn't realize you don't like the M50. Oh well
  6. @kreuzer
    yeah chris' m50 does look good, and I even followed the thread he started before he purchased his m50 :)
    sure is a good deal, need to ask him why he wants to sell his almost brand new bike though :| Specially when he was all excited about getting it, and blinging it with the CF. :|

    am thinking of waiting for a month or so, to wait for a decent deal, and save another 1grand to add to the budget meanwhile.
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  8. Have not been doing many mid week rides for a while Shadow, work and family etc.

    I think pre 2005 or there abouts C50 was the Volusia, check them out, only difference was C50 is fuel injected.

    Always found the vt750 a little small and low for me.
  9. Honda always make a good bike. Have a good reputation and so you pay the extra for it. Only concern i have ever really heard is they are underpowered ??
    If this is the size cruiser you want, look at the C50. You will be very happy with one. Best value for money cruiser on the market. Only problem is though as said previously not many second hand ones around.
  10. hmmmm
    thanks for the pointers rod and blue.

    have been reading a bit about the c50. Do they suffer from gear box problems? (manufacturing defect?) did Suzuki rectify the problem with any later models? And is it rear drum brakes still or did they get a rear disc now?

    Do the c50s' have enough power for pillion freeway trips? 100kmph at low rpms with a pillion?
    I have seen rod on his c50, and felt the bike was quite comfortable on the freeways with pillions.

    I found couple of nice c50s' outside Victoria... :|

    *edit* just checked the suzuki's website, they still got rear drums. Hmmm all the other bikes I had apart from the zx6 had drums (except the new enfield with a front disc) :)
  11. I recently took part in the Snowyride and covered 3200km's over 6 days. Hypothetically I could have held my M50 at $1.40 whenever we were outside built up areas (ie all the time).
    That's with a screen and probably 50kg worth of gear in a gearsack and saddlebags + 100kg of me.
    The bike does more than that, it's just the vibration through the bars will numb your hands if you go any more expensive.
  12. The rear drum brake works awesome. You are sitting over the back wheel remember and it has a decent size brake pedal on it. Never had a problem when i had mine with stopping. Not sure of any gearbox dramas with them. 2 up on the freeway no issues, infact 2 up anytime is fine. I am 115kg and with a pillion it never had a drama. I even had Vic on it with me once. Yes it was a sight i can assure you. ROFL !!
  13. Way to get rid of that hand numbness is put a set of decent grips on it. Get the Kuryakan Grips for it and you will be right. :)
  14. hmmm...
    thats some good reviews on the boulevard series. Would have gone for a c50, but can't stretch my budget much. Found a 2002 volusia which was ridiculously over priced in comparison to redbook rates. :|

    Well, so I found a 94 Virago, XV1100. I know they are chain drive...but anybody has any experience on them? Would parts be a pain to find since they are not in manufacture anymore? I will call Yamaha City tomorrow morning to confirm about parts from them as well.
  15. The main issue with the '94 virago will be parts, is 15 years old starting to border on what some workshops call "old" ? Some mechanics have strange ideas about what makes a bike old.

    But there's still quite a few of the 1100 viragos getting around and owners seem to like them so they must be a good bike. I know a guy that collects them just for the motors for future custom/bobber bikes.

    BTW I saw some decent cruisers in your price range in the latest motorcycle trader magazine.
  16. motorcycle trader.....picking one up right away :)
  17. i love my VT750.... albeit it is the '07 C2... its shaft driven and fuel injected.... the only comment i would have for you is that at your height you are definitely goin to need forward control extensions.

    I spent some time over the weekend putting on 6" forward control extensions from a mob call Scootworks. Cost me $200 delivered to my door.

    The VT750 has MASSIVE aftermarket support in the states, so there is plenty that you can do to personalise it...

    In terms of power... i would agree it is a bit underpowered, but it wont let you down... if you need to overtake etc it's easy, and will easily hold 140km/h without vibrating etc... a very nice bike...

    If you can stretch your budget out a bit more
  18. after a month long search, I finally picked up my bike today :)
    A 2001 ZRX1200S. :)
    Yeah, I had to skip my plans of the cruiser for now :| The ones within my budget...didn't appeal to me much, and the ones I loved, weren't within my budget :|

    Next bike, hmmm now I know I have to save up some more to afford one of the cruisers I like.

    The ZRX kinda ticks in all my checklist pointers...its smooth as hell..torquey...great handling....not aggressive...but roars when I want it to...and almost naked :)
    I was sold just by looking at the bike for the first time. Never thought an 8 year old bike would be in such a perfect condition. Kudos to the previous owner, he did a hell of a job keeping that bike well maintained. :)

    Thanks guys for all the advices and help :) Rod, see you on a ride sometime. Pm me your cell no and we can plan up a small ride someday. :)