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Honda Shadow ta200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shadow200, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Looking at buying a 2002 Honda Shadow ta200 for my first bike. I'm a chick rider and never ridden a road bike before although I've been a pillion on many before so just wanted your thoughts. Any help would be great, there doesn't seem to be too much information on these bikes.

  2. Good- EXTREMELY light, easy to handle, stops and goes in an unintimidationg way (not too much power). Cheap to run, Reliable probally?

    Looks really cool too- my favourite small cruiser

    Bad- Really slow engine compared to any other 250- only 200cc and a single cylinder. You'll get beaten by CB250's :LOL:
    Won't hold above 90km/h convincingly- sure it might go to 110, but it'll have no conviction there, and will take forever to wind up.

    Overpriced- all small capacity cruisers are a little overinflated I think, considering you can buy a 250cc standard, like the CB250, which performs as well, looks okay, and costs significantly less

    Made in Thailand? Probally not bad, backed by honda after all, but still a little unknown.

    My opinion? Get a 250 as your first bike, I think you'll grow sick of the Shadows lack of power pretty quick.
  3. Cool lookin bike but you are gonna want something bigger sooner rather than later being a 200, get a 250 and save yourself the trouble.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  4. Dumb question, but why did Honda ever bother making a 200? A lady in my club had one and loved it, it scooted along o.k, looked the goods and she was happy with it. But I never could understand such a capacity. She rides a Boulevarde now ( whatever that is- I cant keep track of the Jap cruisers.)
  5. The question really isn't why but rather 'why not?'.

    There isn't any reason for bikes to fall into capacity 'groups' other than for regulatory purposes. Which is why there are 125, 250, 400, 600, 750 etc.

    Japan used to have staged licences at 250, 400 and 750, Europe had insurance reductions for 600 and under etc etc.

    It's just a historical hangover. In days even earlier bikes were all sorts of odd capacities.

    Even these days they often are odd capacities, my 1200 is actually only about 1160cc and my 1100 is actually only 1054cc, but they are marketed as an 1100 and a 1200.

    Ducati and Triumph buck the trend somewhat with models such as the Ducati 620, 851, 916, 996 and Triumph with the Sprint and Daytona 955.

    Oh... and the famous (infamous?) CB250 is only about 230cc :)
  6. I have spoken to the owners, and they believe that it cruises nicely along at 100. Does anyone konw the weight of the bike??
  7. Maybe I didnt word that properly, What I meant was why not just bore it out to 250 or squish a bigger engine into it so that it would achieve more sales cause it would be more attractive to people than bein just a 200 cc. I understand weirdo capacities . The RD 350 eventually became the RZ 350 (which we still have one in the family!) All the kids took the stickers off and rode it on their restrictions, praying the cops didnt know what to look for. My father in law also still has a RD 400 stroker which I always felt was a neither here nor there bike. we also had the first RZ 500. wow what a pattern! No, we didnt work for Yamaha.
  8. I can't say which particular countries for sure..but I know vietnam does
    not allow bikes over 200cc in the city...not sure about rural areas..but as mentioned before, its all to do with regulations , and they differ from country to country.
  9. The motor in that particular 200 is based on the old design that was in the XR200 (and is currently in the CTX200 farm bike) and was developed from the XL185S. It is a basic SOCH air cooled motor whose design costs have long been absorbed, and it is cheap to produce.

    The next motor up would either be a twin cylinder 250 (ala CB250) or a RFVC (radial 4 valve) single 250cc motor, either of which would cost significantly more money.

    I suspect at least part of the reason was a strong desire to produce as cheap as possible a cruiser to market directly on price against the cheaper asian (non japanese) import cruisers.
  10. I used one on my L's test and loved it. Very easy to handle, VERY confortable and they look great. But like everyone else has said, you will probably get bored with the lack of power pretty quickly. If thats the style of bike your going for have a look at the Honda V25 or Kawaskai Eliminator as well.
  11. ok...

    picture yourself as a manufacturer...

    a bike at 200cc...
    power/speed is comparable to a 250(somewhat less but comparable)
    looks... exactly the same...
    weight... lighter

    cost... CHEAPER...

    but also restrictions yes...
  12. Has anyone heard of any problems with these bikes??
  13. I know this is an old thread but for the benefit of anyone looking to buy a honda shadow TA200.

    After owning my shadow for a year I discovered there are restrictors placed in the end of the exhaust. remove therse and she has heaps of pickup, cruises at 100-110 easy tops at 130kph after a wind up.

    Sounds decent too!!!
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  14. Hi, I got 2003 ta 200, as everyone said, same with me, not happy with power, I like your idea so can you tell me how to remove that restrictors from exhaust????also is it legal to drive like that??? I m in Queensland.