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Honda shadow petcock

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by troy, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Hey guys
    I have notice a slow drip coming out of the petcock and I was wondering are these unit serviceable or do I need a new one?
    And would any Honda dealer have them?

    Thanks again

  2. also i have turned knob to "off" and its still dripping??... could it be something else
  3. What is the bike? Some of these are vacuum operated some entirely manual. In any case you should be able to get a rebuild kit which is a collection of rubber seals etc that you can use to rebuild the petcock.
  4. its a honda shadow 750 2004 model... i found a diaphragm rebuild kit for it and ill pick it up on friday. and im going to try and install it on the weekend.. ive checked youtube on how to do it but its going to me my first attempt haha so im giving myself the whole day to try and do it... if anyone is in the northern suburbs and has knowledge on doing this your more then welcome to come and help :)
  5. Where is it leaking from ?
    Could it be a split hose ?

    I had a leak on my XVS1100 after the tank was replaced. Each time I went for a ride ( and then cleaned the bike ) the tap would be red from fuel.
    It turned out to be inconsistencies in the paint where the tape was mounted allowing fuel to seep out underneath the gasket.
    Gave it a good clean and a bit of form-a-gasket and it was fine.
  6. It's easy to do, just watch out for the spring when you remove the cover. Like Stever42 said check your fuel hose too. Good luck with it.
  7. ***UPDATE***

    i have removed the fuel tank and disassembled the petcock.. i check the diaphragm and on the small side of it i could see slight cracks... it more looks like some of the rubber has disintegrated... and i can see a fine metal mesh and i have to say very hard to notice unless i held it up to the sun and checked really carefully.
    i have ordered a new diaphragm and it cost just under $60 and ill be picking it up tomorrow. So hopefully after i replace it with a new one it will not leak no more..
    i will keep you all updated :)
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  8. **UPDATE**
    the shop called yesterday and didnt have the part.. so waited 2 days for nothing...anyways i found the part on ebay and got it from there. So there will be no riding this weekend for me, and such a shame it is a awesome day for it.
    part should come tuesday and ill try to install it that night if not it will be wednesday
  9. It was an awesome day today, very Spring like, Uncle Greg's ride went out to Noojee. Spanner day next Saturday so come along to that if you haven't fixed it and the bike is still mobile.
  10. yeah cool where abouts is it being held?
  11. At Bruce and Kitt's place but there will be a feeder ride starting from the Saturday practice car park in Elwood/St Kilda.See THIS thread.