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Honda Shadow Models

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by julesm007, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Honda Shadow VT750 - Different Names in different countries-

    Ok, Im trying to buy a sissy bar/backrest for my 2008 Honda Shadow VT 750. I can find heaps of them online and some at really good prices but a lot of them are in the USA and are for Honda Shadow VT750 ACE or Aero or Spirit. I dont seem to be able to find anyone who can tell me if any of these models are the same as mine. Does any one know what the USA models are equivalent to here in Australia?:-s

  2. title is misleading, I'll save you the hassle of fixing the thread:


  3. The Honda VT750s in Oz are Aeros. You can find cheap stuff to fit at bigbikeparts.com
  4. I'm guessing by the age of this you have answers, but just to clarify for anyone else reading, the Shadow in Australia is not just called the Aero.
    The Aero is a particular styling of the Shadow. Wheels, fenders etc..

    Took me forever to clarify this myself.
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