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Honda SH300i

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by bandit1250, May 18, 2009.

  1. Hello all.
    After some info on the suspension of a 300i. Just wandering if it is a lot smoother over bumps then these Chinese scooters. The Chinese scoots are bone jaring over any sort of bump.


  2. It should deal with bumps better just because it has larger wheels - 16in as opposed to 12in or less on those small scoots. But you don't have to pay Honda premium to get them: SYM Citycom or HD200 also come with 16in wheels, to name just two.

    I have an HD200 now, while my previous scoot had 12in wheels so I know from experience wheel size makes a real difference.
  3. Honda suspension SH300i

    Hi Bandit1250

    I have not experienced the 300i, however have a Honda Forza and have nothing but praise for the ride quality, I have commuted over city, suburban and country dirt roads , and find the suspension pretty good.. not made for the dirt roads, however fine on anything sealed. The reliability is typical Honda. They make you pay a premium for it, however their products do last. The HD200's as mentioned by RacingTurtles looked good though and I almost got one of those, went for the Honda for storage and the fancy remote locking thingy.
  4. SYM (formally Bolwell) scooters are well made, have good warranties (generally better than Honda), excellent parts backup and are the best selling scooter brand in Australia.

    Highly recommended :)
  5. take it for a spin!
    i test rode one from scooterama, in comparison to a bolwell and a kymco i rode, the honda smashes the both of them. i've read a heap of decent reviews about the chinese/taiwanese scooters, but after actually taking some for test rides its clear they are biased reviews, or they didnt take the things up to 100km/hr (they feel like they going to speed wobble off the side of the freeway)