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Honda Servicing - Melbourne. Who to use ???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by martych, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Hi guys. Have just picked up a second hand VT750 with very low kms'.

    I want to get it serviced and have found that the place I used to get my V-Strom serviced (In-Line Motorcycles in Altona) have shut up shop.

    I'm in Newport, so only 10 mins from CBD, however would rather avoid PS in the city as I've heard pretty negative reports about their servicing.

    What I need is an honest, reliable bike mechanic within 30 mins from home. Any suggestions ???
  2. we are sponsored by race replica in brooklyn, and high octane motorcycles in thomastown (will do pickups/returns). but i would be very happy to recommend them regardless.
  3. I second that about PETER STEVENS they are the biggest scammers.

    I had a Honda Today 50 cost me $1650.00 they charged me $200.00 for a friggin service. I would have shopped around but they basically lied to me and led me to believe it would be $100.00.

    Other Honda dealers said they wouldn't have charged more than $100.00 and a scooter dealer in port Melb said he would have charged $80.00.

    If you want a Honda dealer specifically to service your bike Redwing Honda in Heidelberg are good they have serviced my Lead 100.
  4. hi mate,

    give pete a call or visit his website, had mine done there last week, and was really impressed in both price and service

    www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au or call Pete on 0434 920745

    cheers stewy
  5. After working in some bike shops i am the no1 of not trusting or being happy with servicing that has been done.

    Pete at www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au has just serviced the Fire Storm for me and it is running fantabulous now after a major done. Better still he explained what he had done and has sent me e mails as to follow up on how its going.
    Thats my 2c and my 2c is worth taking notice of bud
  6. I got some minor things booked in for him to fix. When I brought my bike there, he was real good. Explained what was wrong, how long he was gunna take, how much the parts were gunna cost etc. Price he quoted for the work was pretty good also :)
  7. Looking for somewhere in the city to get a VTR250 serviced. It's got about 40,000ks on it, so not sure what to expect really (in terms of $$$).

    Had a look at everything2wheeled, they are not really convenient but if I've not found somewhere before the 11th then I'll give them a ring.

    Thought I'd revive an old thread rather than start a new one, that's right, I used the mythical search function!
  8. When you click above website it goes to below company. Are they the same?

    Everything 2 Wheels
    Ph: 03 9077 7312
    Address: 345 St Georges Road
    North Fitzroy VIC 3068
  9. No idea.

    No suggestions for servicing from anyone, even inner easter burbs would be doable???
  10. Melbourne Motorcycle Repairs & Everything 2 Wheels are the same company. MMR was the old name before we had a revamp in image and became E2W. Same people, same service.

    Check out the website for more info on what we do: www.everythingtwowheels.com.au
  11. In my honest opinion, if you want convenience - you go local... if you want no bullshit, great service with someone you can feel 100% trust in - you go and see Pete. The workshop location is quite out of the way for me but he's our first call.
  12. Got the bike serviced by Pete today, running like a charm now!!

  13. Oh cool that makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. G'day everyone,...

    Looks like I might be looking for a good place to have Romana seviced.
    The guy who looked after her has gone,moved to a better job/situation in the same industry.

    Dr Who?
  15. G'day everyone,...

    Looks like I might be looking for a good place to have Romana seviced.
    The guy who looked after her has gone,moved to a better job/situation in the same industry.

    Dr Who?
  16. Looks like a pretty unanimous vote for everything 2 wheels- thanks peeps! Time to book Zog in for her 5000.
  17. and dont forget to call pete a wanker :D
  18. Will have to give them a go as I am another casualty of Peter Stevens.
  19. Does this look like a leaking seal to you? Peter Stevens tried to tell me it was chain lube & didn't fix the effing problem.](*,)

    Attached Files:

  20. It kinda looks like a fat clown... :-s