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Honda Ryujin - Any in Oz?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, May 25, 2005.

  1. Was wondering if anyone knew if there are any Ryujin's in Australia?

    One of my colleagues at work came into a heap of cash and is considering getting one.

    If anyone doesn't know the bike it is a HIGHLY modified Goldwing or F6C (not sure which...maybe both platforms were used) produced in fairly limited numbers from what we can gather.


    Possible Eyeabuser contender for the ugly crown IMO but it's certainly got some attitude about it and he'd be willing to import. Just be easier if there was a local one.

  2. Known as a Rune here I believe.. theres one on Bikesales.com.au in Airlie beach.. only $55K
  3. No. The Rune is a different bike. They Ryujin is a 1500 not an 1800.
  4. hmmmmm.. a rune id have, but a ryujin? iee desu ka
    looks like theyve tried to use the same base and turn it into a sportsbike.

    looks like something a biker mice from mars might ride.

    the people staring at it in the picture are looking at it with distaste, not awe.
  5. that appears to be a modified Honda Valkyrie
  6. That's 4 tonnes of motorsickle with smaller brakes than my 250. If you buy one, check it hasn't run into anything :?
  7. My vote....

    .... is with a modded Valkyrie, and, yes the last couple of issues of Unique Bikes or whatever has had one for around $55,000.
    Hope it comes with a guide dog, though, because you'd need to shut your eyes any time you were near it BECAUSE IT'S UGLY!!!!!
  8. For the love of .......,
    Who came up with that bike idea,
    Where they smoking crack or just doing lines??????

    "That 1832cc flat six motor, for instance, has six, separate 32mm throttle bodies feeding its cylinders, a massive 6.9 liter airbox, a unique, high-volume exhaust"
    "...but the Rune is a pretty solid, 769.6 pound indication that it is."
    :?: :?: :?:
  9. Saw one in Footscray Rd just last week the only one I have ever seen and it looked great like something out of the fifties. Not like all the different colored clones out there that have to have a name on it so you know what it is and who makes it.
  10. well if it really is a standard bike, good on them for doing something different.

    Imagine dropping it!.
  11. Thats Definatly a Valkyire Engine but the style is Very different... none the less I'll have one.... just to take it down chapple st and scare all the Ricers!!!! :p :LOL: :LOL:
  12. A little on the small side isn't it?
  13. I reckon the ryu jin is a custom.

    Tell your mate to get a harley, a GSX1000 K5, a beemer R1200GS and a vespa.

    Much better to have a bunch of bikes that are perfect for one thing each than one massive boat of a thing that doesn't do anything well except use up money.

    Then again, that is totally the povo view of life, he's welcome to piss his cash against any wall he pleases!
  14. Suggesting he buy 3 litre bikes and a vespa is a POVO solution????

    Damn, I wish I had your kind of poverty... :LOL:
  15. It looks like something from Akira.

    I like it - even if it is fugly.
  16. Well, not a povo solution... But a povo view of the world:

    Take the more practical option, don't spend money on one big flashy extravagant unrideable ornament just 'cause you can!

    If he's got that much cash and he's your workmate, perhaps he should quit work!
  17. Thought I'd update you guys.

    My colleague figured it would be more sense to spend the money more wisely (well on something less fugly anyway) so today he announced he's grabbing a Ducati 999S.

    Oh...and a Midnight Warrior for deafening the populous, a DL1000 V-Strom for when he wants to be sensible or head off for the weekend and a Goldwing for two upping the Missus.

    Gee...it must be tough being able to go out and buy four brand spanking new bikes. What's that...about $120k on bikes. Some sales guy is going to be putting a new extension on his house with the damn commission.

    Apparently leaves some cash to put towards an investment property too. :shock:

    ...I think I need a rich family member to die in my family too :cry: