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Honda rvf400 tyga, Red&black vs Repsol?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Seksei, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I've got an Rvf400 with a tyga kit, and the previous owner had it baby blue, and thats ugly on a honda, so and a honda rider, Im having difficulty diciding on a new paintjob, either honda red & black or Racing Repol, thought? or other paintjobs?

  2. Go custom, stand out from the crowd - how about Kermit Green :)
  3. Go custom, stand out from the crowd - how about Kermit Green :)
  4. green is too kawasaki, I'm a honda lover, owned 3 hondas
  5. Point taken, pillar box red? :)
    Even a nice coat of duck egg blue
  6. maybe i should just stick a horse head at the front and paint her brown
  7. Giddy up
  8. Red white and blue always looks sexy.
  9. It's got to be repsol just like stoner
  10. I used to have one myself. Was a great bike! Mine was repsol colours and i loved it. All black would look sick too.
  11. How about the Aussie flag like stoner had on his Ducati when he won on the island
  12. Did someone said "horsehead"?

  13. Repsol's overplayed. How about other examples from Honda's racing history?

    Ten Kate:


    Stick it to the man with some tobacco colours:

    Or there's the classic "I'm a racer doing some testing" matte black:
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  14. chrome vinyl wrap, with 3m reflective Tron outlines.
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  15. For the type of newb squids you're gonna sell it to (when you're done with it) with the tyga kit on it I'd go some sort of racing livery. As hyperspex said, Ten Kate, Repsol, Castrol WSBK, or maybe LCR honda
  16. as a noob squid myself, I'm in the market for an RVF400, looking to buy one next winter or so when there's more available - don't do the race livery, I'm not a fan :D
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