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Honda RVF400 still LAMS legal NSW?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kristian, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Have a look again, it's on the list. Have you found a good second hand one?
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  2. Yep under OBI not RVF on the list. All years.
    Good luck with your purchase!
  3. What's interesting is that NSW also have the VFR400 on the list? I'd be looking for one of those, as the RVF400 is the only variant on the VIC and QLD list, so attract a higher price.
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  4. And solved.
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  5. Thanks, that's a real relief. Glad you can read!

    Honestly it hasn't been on my radar so I'm not really sure what to look for. There seem to be a few knocking about with one posted today. Not sure how to feel about bar-end mirrors on a sport.

    1996 Honda RVF400 (NC35)
  6. We aim to please ;)
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  7. I have issues with that price. But if you want to pay that much, go ahead.
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  8. It's 19yrs old don't think its worth it at that price, it's a grey import after all parts might be quite hard to get or very expensive .

    It's looks much better in the stock fairing , then the tarted up tyga gear to make it look like a Moto gp bike.
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  9. Yeah don't pay that much - I bought mine a few months ago for $4150 including rwc.

    These bikes have an inflated value because they're LAMS approved and you can get Tyga fairing kits that make them look modern.

    The owners also generally don't want to lose any money when they sell them too so just keep your eyes out for a good one at a decent price.
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  10. Lol. faaark me!! $7.5K for a 96 import but 'only' done 17,000!!

    very low kms and has only been taken out on weekends

    Yeah, righto Mate ;)
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  11. Yep!

    Kristian - ignore the km's listed, the only certainty on that bike, is that isn't the true km's. Very easy to swap gauges - or it may have gone around the clock. That's not to say a high km bike needs to be avoided, I'm just saying don't let the seller use the km's as a selling point.

    I'm actually a little surprised that the LAMS list mentions the VFR400? It's never been on the list before, but maybe worth checking out if you really want these bikes. But again, they are inflated in value because of the 400cc race series.
  12. yeah I would definitely look into the vfr, the engine is pretty much the same (with a few differences). The reason that I bought my RVF is that I have a real soft spot for them - i love that old jap look with the square headlight surround.

    If you plan on going with a Tyga fairing kit then there really is no visual difference between the two, you'll just be saving money.
  13. RVFs are absolutely awesome little bikes. You don't give a lot away in terms of performance around town. But the age is an issue, and the grey import is an issue. The Honda shop wouldn't touch mine, and the shops that did just screwed me around. Parts are available, but you would have to really love the bike to invest that kind of money in it.

    Eventually it was too much trouble and I turfed it, but if it is working well then they are well worth it, even at that price, as long as it is not just another bike to you (and it's in REALLY good nick). If it's neither here nor there as to what you end up buying, then yeah it's too much.

    Also, +1 to the original fairing. Tyga make some good products for the RVF, but their fairings to me are not worth it unless you want to make a RC211V replica (the Stoner LCR Honda colours do look fantastic, but they just don't work on a current model Blade, for example.).
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  14. So is the vfr400 definately learner legal now? It wasn't not too long ago!
  15. I wouldn't put money down until speaking to the Rego office.
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  16. Yeah I may give them a call tomorow. Just to confirm