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Honda RVF400, is 10k to much?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pottsy44, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. i have a gs500f, but i look at these bikes (honda rvf400) and think wow id rather one of them :grin: .


    so my question is, is 10k to much?

    the bike im interested in, is as posted above and has the new headlight design and some other nice little bits and pieces.
  2. Yes. Way too much.

    That "cool" fairing is a Tyga kit you could put on any RC35 and a paintjob.

    You can pick up a good RC30/35 for around $5k.
  3. One look at the seller tells me the answer is Yes, it's way too much (especially considering that's about the price of a new SV650).
  4. Way too much. Does look the business though.
  5. Yes for 10k you could get a much better bike
  6. yea these where the only rvf's i could find. ok to get one for say 5k, where would i look?

    also the tyga kit, where do you get these from and roughly how much? i had a quick look on their website but found nothing.

  7. Sumoto strikes again.

    $3k bike with $2000 fairings & $200 worth of stickers all for $10,000???.... no thats not a rip off at all. :roll:

    3000 + 2000 + 200 + PROFIT = $10000.
  8. Slightly OT but is the RVF400 learner legal in Vic? Sumoto are based in melbourne and as far as I knew, 260cc was our learner bike limit.

    How can they advertise them as a learner legal bike here in Vic??
  9. Considering you can get a 3 to 5 year old 600cc Supersport ie ZX-6R/GSX-R/R6/CBR600RR with probably less kms you would be truly mad to get a 400cc bike that is much older and uses older technology.

    Which would you rather an RVF400 for $10,000 or a 2005 GSX-R600 with only 10,000 kms or a 04 model with 5,000 kms for $10,000 found on bikesales?

    I have to admit though the bodykit on them looks amazing!
  10. na they did say it wasnt learner legal in vic. but i suppose they were trying to sell to a broader market.

    BTW these bikes dont look like they are easier to come by. whats the go and hows the go with importing them? :eek:
  11. um a 600cc supersport isnt learner legal? oh and i cant wait another year to upgrade? lol
  12. $3k? RVF400s sell for around $7-10K, without tyga fairings. And they are a pretty awesome bike, from everything I've read about them.
  13. so whats the difference between rvf400's and cbr400's?? I just did some research and all the specs i can find, show they are sooo similar, I don't understand why they made different bikes which are so much the same..

    i am surprised they are learner legal. i thought their power to weight would be too much, as its pretty much the same as CBR400, ZXR400 and FZR400, only a few hp difference according to anything i could find.

    the body kit does make it look awesome tho... nothing else learner legal looks that hot... except for my bike when we bring it out next year... :twisted:
  14. Do not buy a RVF400 just because it "looks good". Definately do not go to Sumoto either there are dozens of horror storries on several forums out there.

    What state are you in?
  15. nsw, btw i like things that "look good" :p
  16. I would never ever pay 10k for an RVF400

    They are old bikes and as nightgash said you can get a 600 supersport thats a few years old for that price
  17. So you want a LAMS bike? Ok that clears something up. If you buy it for 10K how much do you realistically think you can resell it for say a year on?
  18. 8k would do me. haha i know they are overpriced. but its a complete package ready to go.
  19. The parts would be very expensive because its a grey import
  20. i take it you dont like them? :LOL:

    what would you say the ones from sumoto should be selling for as is?