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Honda RVF400- fantastic ORIGINAL condition! *netrider special price*!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by something_wild, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Honda RVF400- fantastic ORIGINAL condition! **SOLD**

    Immaculate RVF400, LAMS, 1996 model, 39000 km's, selling due to upgrade.

    I would keep it as my second bike but can't justify two bikes and one car rego plus insurance, so reluctantly must sell.

    As seen in the pictures, it's an original body RVF400 with the factory scheme. Looks sensational with barely a mark on it (a small scuff on the front just under the left light is all that really concerns my fussy eye...but most people don't even see it).
    I have absolutely loved this bike, and it has served me very well on my restricted license.
    Rides beautifully, is quiet (nice quiet gear drive), ultra smooth, and powerful as far as 400's go.

    Perfect first or second bike that will never feel 'slow' or sluggish compared to the horde of 250's and even the restricted 600's.

    Bike is standard aside from full Morawaki Twin Zero exhaust, rim tape, and various removable stickers.
    Plenty of receipts for servicing and tuning as well as a recent dyno run with papers (very healthy figures!) Always garaged on the bike stand, and ridden with care. I am a fussy owner and like my things kept in top shape inside and out.

    Rego until mid October and I'm happy to include the RWC as part of the purchase price. Bike also comes with bike stand, full standard exhaust, Haynes VFR/RVF400 manual, and Mesh armored Dri Rider jacket in new condition (worn 2-3 times total).

    I am open to offers, but please be reasonable. Price is $6900ono NETRIDER SPECIAL!!! **PRICE DROP** $6550 (Advertised elsewhere for $6900ono, so please mention Netrider if you saw the ad here.)

    Test rides are welcome to serious buyers. I never understood the 'no test ride' policy personally?? I have full confidence in my bike and I'm sure after the first serious person rides it, they will buy it :)

    I am in the S.E suburbs of Melbourne. Phone number is 0413155733. Call/text any time :) Can email PLENTY more photos too.

    Cheers, SW.

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  2. I want I want I want....unfortunately unless someone wants to buy my bike, I cant have it.

    GLWS as she looks like a beauty.
  3. Very tidy bike! Good luck with the sale. Such awesome fun to ride the rvfs.
  4. Thanks very much guys, she is in all honesty a VERY good example of an RVF, and will make someone smile, as i do, every time they look at it and ride it :)
  5. Gee that was quick. What have you got now?
  6. *sends letter to Santa* That's one nice bike
  7. Did this bike have an issue with the compliancing of it?

  8. Hey Nick. Yeah was always planning on upgrading once off restrictions, not in any huge rush to sell as I still have a couple of months but thought I'd see if there is any genuine interest atm.
    Haven't got another bike as yet, but have my eye on a couple. How about you?
  9. Hey Damian, spoke to a manager at vicroads and he assured me that although mistakenly complied as vfr, the numbers match it clearly as an RVF therefore It's LAMS accredited ;)
  10. ^^ Nice one. Mate, the bike looks in absolute schmick condition and if all honesty, if I didn't just buy my girl a bike I would take it off your hands.
    When someone see's this bike in the flesh they'll buy it................no sweat :)

  11. No probs bud, shame about the missus missin out (such a bad line i know lol).

    Bike is schmicko as, amazing hearing seasoned riders asking how the hell my bike is in better condition than their 05/07 blade or r1 etc! Or the noobs asking if it's new lol :p

    Will be sad to see it go that's for sure...hopefully someone local snaps it up and i can still ride with them/it..
  12. Fair enough mate. Killed me seeing it up here so soon haha.
    Am almost tempted to buy it back off you, and would if Europe didn't kill the financial side of things.

    Not going to buy something else until I'm off restrictions. Still a while away.

    What're you looking at?

    For anyone looking at the bike, I can vouch for it very highly. Being the previous owner and just as fastidious as Alex, I'm hoping it goes to someone that will look after it just as much as the both of us have.

    Best of luck with the sale mate.
  13. Haha, yep i understand the $$ situation.....if you can scrap together something, I'll look after you no worries :)

    Looking at another supersports (liter this time :twisted: ) but undecided as to which one...will ride an 07/8 R1, K6+ gixxer, and 08+CBR and decide from there (so excited!!)

    And really appreciate you vouching for it, had lots of interest and I'm sure it won't last too long like when you had it on the market ;)
  14. SOLD :)

    Thanks for everyone's interest, ended up going to a nice bloke from the forums...wrapped to see it go to a member, and hope to get a ride in with him and the bike in the future.

    The hunt for the big bike proceeds :D

    BIKE IS NOT SOLD, back for sale...
  15. Congrates on selling your bike

    How'd you do that so fast I have 2 RVF's for sale on this forum and only had one person look and he was from NSW
  16. Thanks bud, tbh I guess it was a combo of good timing, the right price for both of us, and the fact that It's a dam good example also helped ;) Still getting text offers now.

    Best of luck with the sale of your two....be patient and be willing to negotiate and they'll sell no probs. They look like top RVF's :)
  17. Congrats with the sale mate.
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  18. It IS a great looking bike :)
  19. ****BIKE BACK UP FOR SALE****

    Buyers finance fell through. Feel free to contact me anytime for any questions, inspection, or test ride.

  20. **PRICE DROP**

    Starting to come across some future bikes I can see myself on. Would rather not have two at once.

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