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Honda RVF 400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by boy biker, May 4, 2008.

  1. hi my name is jayde and i was wondering weather these bikes ( Honda RVF 400) are anygood the reason why i am asking is because i was after one when the lams laws come in to Vic. are these bikes worth buying, is their anything wrong with them. i have had my L's around three months and going for me P's on the 19th of this month.

    I have experience in most road conditions even hail and dust storms and want to upgrade to somthing with some more go than my 250 then sell it when im off me P's. so back to the point i was after one of these bike just wanting to know rough prices and weather they are any good and any good websites for information. (P.s) I did a search but couldnt find all the information i was after

    Thanking you in advance

  2. Before all the whingers out there in Netriderland jump down your throat & harp on & on & on about how overpriced they are for a 400 & how every other bike out there ever made makes more power & weighs less yadda yadda yadda let me assure you they are a brilliant little bike. Expensive? Yes. Different? Yes. Relatively rare? Yes. Fantastic handling? Yes. Massive top speed? No. Starting to get the picture? A well ridden one is capable of sticking with any other sportbike out there -regardless of capacity, in real world twisty road riding. Simply due to being able to use all the power available & actually put it to the ground. Friendly enough for a beginner but still wildly entertaining for persons old enough to know better hehehehe.
    About the only thing that seems to go wrong with them is the regulator/rectifier which is not exactly an uncommon Honda fault, regardless of model :LOL: :LOL:
    They have a couple of features that were way ahead of their time, such as slipper clutch, gear driven cams, V4 engine & single sided swingarm.
    About the only negative is trying to find one at a reasonable price ie less than the 10K most of the stealers are asking for them. They do come up at reasonable prices from time to time but patience is required.
    Hope this helps & I am sure you will not regret buying one. Cheers
  3. They are a crapload of fun and ballistically fast (acceleration, cornering, good top end) for learner legal - very possibly the quickest learner legal bike - if not very close.
  4. Girlfriend just bought one as they are already on the LAMS list in NSW. The bike is awesome. It's got brakes and suspension that work so well i want one for myself. The engine is willing and seems to have a very flat torque curve, it pulls well no matter what gear you are in and when going for it seems to pull just as hard in 4th as it does in 2nd. We paid under 6.5K for it with new race glass, race stands, tyre warmers and 6 months rego. Its cosmetically challenged (dent in tank and a few small scratches on road fairings) but mech A1 at 33000kms.

    Get one, you will love it.
  5. sweet bikes but a bit expensive to fix being imports
  6. Wait long enough, and $5K will get you a road registered one in slightly rough nick. As to whether they're any good, the answer is yes. Don't think a much better LAMS sports bike exists.
  7. Thanks for ya replies ya im just looking at the moment but not sure weather to upgrade or save me money and buy a bigger bike when i get me fulls (I.E) going for p's 19th of may so got about a year to wait. but ya i though the same they good looking bike by the way i forgot to ask were there any aussie delivers ones or are they all imports and if so are the parts had to find the price doesnt worry me much mostly cause i dont wanna fall off. and keep the replies cuming

  8. All RVFs are imports and all are at least 12 years old - something you need to keep in mind when looking at the prices of some.

    You might also want to check out the new Honda CB400. Not exactly new but could work out cheaper than getting a dud import.
  9. ok thanks ill take that into consideration, ya i thought they were all imports but wasnt 100% sure