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Honda RVF 400 Temp quiet hi.. or is it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cakeman, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Hi, i just picked up my Honda RVF400 today. after riding around i noticed the temp guage at about 3/4. When i was doing low speed manouvering, i also noticed it was around that (from a cold start) after about 10 min. does this sound right?

    The bike redlines at 14.5k rpm and it is idiling around 1500 rpm... does this sound right as well?

    Any input would really be appreciated.


  2. Redline & idle sound about right, no experience with this bike though...

    The temp gauge should have a redline too, make sure it stays out of it & stays fairly constant with consistent riding.

    Someone with an RVF should be along shortly to set us straight. :grin:
  3. RVF Temp

    Hi Andrew,

    I too have an RVF and have noticed that on warm days while sitting in traffic the temp will rise in a matter of minutes up to the 3/4 mark, but will drop back to half or so once there is air flow. I have only had the bike for a few weeks, so like you am still learning the traits.

    Mine idles around the 1500 mark too.

    I'd also love to hear from a long term RVF owner on these points for clarification :)

  4. Check the manual, the most common range is ~ 1100-1300rpm idle.

    If you're doing alot of slow speed stuff it will heat up quick yes, within 10 minutes. Even my less hardcore zzr250 did exactly the same when I was doing my first carpark riding. Just make a note of riding it up and down the street a few times to cool it down. When practising for my Ps test I laid out a course in an industrial state, but every 20 minutes or so (moving at faster than learning pace speed so it took longer) I went up the street and back (cruising at speed ;) ) to cool it down.
  5. ssshhhh its quiet warm.. trying to sleep maybe :p
  6. They are not really a bike that was designed to sit in traffic or commute. My opinion only. They run bloody hot in stop start city work. Have a look in behind the radiator and see how close the header pipes from the front cylinders run to the radiator :shock: As long as it's not boiling it's fine. I still shit myself when looking at the temp gauge in town. If you stop the engine you can sometimes hear the coolant making that glug gloop sort of noise as it thinks about boiling. (Note -glug gloop is a highly technical term that is not widely known. You are now part of a select few in the know) So don't do it. Mines still running strong at 82,000kms. It's a VFR though. Far superior bikes :) :) Just get out on the open road, thrash the shit out of it and stop stressing like a schoolgirl with a late period
  7. I would love a manual, as mine didnt come with one and i was told they usually didnt cause they are imports. The only ones i can find are in japanese.

    Any idea of where to find and english version?