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Honda Rider's Club and Roadside Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by norm79, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Hellow All:
    I am new to motorcycle and in fact just got over my L's. I found this forum is really active, informative and fun.

    I was given a 12 month free membership to Honda Rider's club (HRCA)ans was invited to join their Roadside assistance program for $55 per year. Does anyone have experience with them? In particular, what is good about HRCA membership and how efficient with their Roadside service in Sydney? Thanks.
  2. I had Rider Assist with my Honda Rebel. I broke down just outside Liverpool, rang them (this was a Saturday morning) and they told me a mechanic was on his way. If the bike could not be started he would trailer it to Action Motorcycles in Liverpool where it would stay for the weekend. I ended up getting the bike going myself, rang them and they cancelled the call out. I think the service is quite good but wouldn't be too happy about having the bike locked away for the weekend.
    My tip, only breakdown during the week :wink:
  3. Thanks it sounds ok. I mainly use motorbike for communting to work.
  4. I also got the year sign up with my 250, but I didn't bother with the roadside. Like you, I used the bike for commuting mainly so I know I wouldn't end up in the arse end of nowhere.

    I figured being in the city area, and with a new 250 chances were it wouldn't have any problems (at least mechanical) during the first year. My HRCA membership came and went and I haven't renewed that either.

    For peace of mind I guess you could go for it, I weighed up that it wasn't quite worth it. Keep the bike serviced and in good nick and it "should" be alright in its first year.
  5. Hi guys and welcome.

    I don't have a honda ......,but do they come fix your flat tyre ,or jump start your bike ,run out of fuel and help you out ,like if your on a freeway or M5 ect.

    If so i would join up for $55 ,im dreading the day i get a flat on a freeway and i got no puncher tyre kit, your up sh1t creek other wise.

    Opition #1 ,ring honda ,no worrys there on the way.

    Option#2 ,ring the wife ,no answer and TRY to explain what you need to her OR.....,ring a mate ,can't help he's at work ,2 hours later your still on the freeway.

    Geeez i have sold it to my self ,does NRMA do road side for bikes?.
  6. Brother (rc36Honda) had a tyre destroyed by a large piece of metal while visiting a doctor in Sydney. Rang the number, they turned up with a van and transported the bike to a dealer where a new tyre was fitted immediately at a good price and he was on his way.

    As the Goodyear advert says "If it only saves you once......"
  7. The unpredictable.

    Made me feel right paranoid now [-o<
  8. Thanks Guys, I had a Honda car years ago and have confidence on the quality of their products. I decided to take on the road service after watching the news tonight (that 82 years old driver reversing and hiting 10 people). You may trust your driving skill and your bike but there are always things beyong your control.
  9. It's $55 a year vs the more expensive NRMA or RACV options.

    Exactly the same coverage, it ain't bike specific for the most part. Honda Riders Assistance is covered by SOS International.

    They won't do roadside fixes as they ain't bike mechanics, but will transport you to a mechanic.

    Considering I had the Spada towed over 500 km when I broke down in Tassie, it's worth the $55 a year :)