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Honda Rider Assist ... any experiences?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rsser, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Experiences with RACV m/c roadside assistance appear to be very mixed, mine included.

    So I was wondering whether the Honda service was just a rebadged RACV effort.

    Anyone know? Or had experience with it if not?


  2. iamonit can probably tell you more..
  3. I have Honda Rider Assist.

    I think they outsource the work to contractors.

    It's supposed to be 24 hours...

    1st time I called up I was in an area that had no phone coverage. No use at all.

    2nd time my battery went flat and we tried to push start, jump start and never worked. then I remembered I had rider assist at 11.30pm called them up and they couldn't be assed truckin' out to where I was said it would take 2 hours. WTF? The same mofo came in the next morning to give me a tow (I left the bike was at cash's place) He said "Ah you called up last night and couldn't get it started..." Yes would have appreciated a tow back to my place.

    Anyway got the bike to a mechanic and all was good... he was a decent guy, and there was probably not much he could have done at 11.30pm. But I must say a huge thanks to cash who let me ride his baby ninja home and stored my bike in his garage until I could get a new battery back there the next day.

    So which is better racv or hra... neither are fantastic... better off making mates with netriders with a ute/flatbed/trailer and it'll only cost a slab and a good yarn.
  4. Theyre definitely not done with any association with the RACV. Completely seperate mob.
  5. Oiii ...can leave that bit out... :LOL:

    Seriously, I was surprised there are so much different between a car and a bike when it comes to road side assist.. battery flat on a car, racv will come and jump start in less than an hour where as for a bike.. you get responses like "sorry we don't jump start bike..." or "it's 11:30pm and will take 1.5 hours for someone to get to your place..." and funny thing is I think the roadside assist probably know nothing mechanically about bikes.. he is just a truckie who will tow your bike to the nearest workshop and argue about the mileage..

    I suppose you are not paying top dollar for the roadside assist, so one trip of the tow truck might already cost you that much.
  6. Yeah I guess $55 per year aint much... I already got my money's worth. Would've been good to get some decent service... :( I'm getting more and more disappointed with service industries in Australia. "24hr Roadside Assistance" only figuratively speaking.
  7. Thanx for the feedback guys.