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Honda Repsol Replica 150cc and 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by freaktown, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Heya guys,

    Im new here, im from sydney and have been interested in bikes for a long time now and have decided 19 is old enough to get one :)

    Im very interested in the Honda Repsol Replica's, the 150cc is a little small for me, but the 250cc would be awsome (Although not Learner Legal)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this bike?

    This is it here http://www.hondamotorcycles.com.au/motorcycle+range/archive/road/sports/nsr+sp+02.htm

    I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions. i know the website only lists a 150cc, but ive found that there were some 250ccs made but i think there imports?

    Anyway, cheers people!

  2. Cant help u James but ur going the right way with a honda and welcome to the forum :D .
  3. Welcome to the forum! Save yourself the grief & stick to the RTA learner legal list! There's a lot of great bikes on there to choose from far more than we get here in Vic. Get your L's & try to test ride any that you're interested in if possible. Wait for Groberts to invite you to coffee here in Melb!
  4. Welcome Freaktown! :D Keep in mind that the bike you are looking at is a two stroke and is going to be harder to learn on for a new rider. Have you riden before???? Keep your options open on what you purchase. As Bond girl pointed out you have a better choice of learner legal bikes than us vic riders do. Good luck with your riding and don't be shy about asking questions. :D :D

  5. Mate don't liston to him = crap he rides a Black Budgie. The gov boys banded together and said damn them Hooondas are really shit bikes. So they agreed to ban em and give u noobs a chance to select another model/manufacturer. Go the Kawi lifes problems will tend to dissapear.

    Cheers 8)
  6. Why would a 2 stroke be harder to learn on?

    And i am just obsessed with the bike!


    I have ridden before but am not licenced!
    I realise that the 250cc repsol is illegal to learn on, but i have a cbr250rr that i can borrow of my brother!

    this is for when i buy a bike of my own and would love the 250cc repsol!

    I mean my biggest problem is that its a 150cc (which is learner leagal in nsw) but i dont know if it will just be severely lacking in power!

    I drive a 180sx sr20det so im used to having that sort of power on tap (And i do relaise power-weight ratio comes into play here)

    From what people know, do you beleive there would be a significant power difference between the r150cc repsol and the cbr250?

    Thanks guys!

  7. Powerband is the reason (not a good one but is the reason none the less)and yep big diff between the 150 an 250
  8. Two strokes produce their power higher in the rev range than a four stroke coupled with the fact that it's only a 150 you will find you'll have to keep the revs right up there to keep the thing motoring along. Some people love that while others just don't like racing a motor all the time. Just ask any Across rider and they will tell you it's a pain in the arse! :LOL: Seriously though as long as you are aware of it then you'll go in with your eyes open.
    Oh and don't worry about Dazza, he has a few issues (riding a kawasaki is just one of them) so just smile and nod and don't make eye contact with him. :p

  9. Well, since ive been reaseaching ive found that:

    CBR250RR =


    NSR150 =


    Now i know im not that Knowledgeable about bikes, but fom what i know about cars the max Torque between the two is faily similar and max power is aswell, although earlier in the Rev Range!

    And im used to working in Hosepower and Killowatts so im not sure what (PS) refers too, but the stats are very similar!

    Any Thoughts?
  10. PS is simply horsepower (HP), except German: Pferdestärke = horse strength. And 1 HP (or PS) equals 746 Watts.
  11. Steer well clear, these things are 150cc things crap...
    Badly put together (very un-honda like) and prob won't do 5,000k without various bits falling off/breaking.

    If you after a 2-stroke sports go for the Aprilia RS250, Suzuki RGV or Honda NSR.

    For 4-strokes either a CBR250R or ZXR250R.
  12. Actually you are better getting the CBR250RR because the CBR250R is consider a Grey Import where the 250RR is not. This will save you a lot in insurance if you can get insurance for the 250R at all on your L plates (which I wasn't able to and promptly collected a wallaby at 110km/h...bike dead....me alot out of pocket)
  13. yea, im no stranger to insurance with imports....

    looks like im going to ditch the 150cc Repsol dream and stick with the cbr250rr!

    Thanks guys!

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  15. Thats hot, is it an 05 model?
  16. Hei Freaktown,

    I am a new rider aswell and have also been torn between the Honda NSR 150 or a CBR 250 RR!

    I have always wanted a CBR 250 RR however, with a price difference of around 3k for the NSR and and a base of 5k for the CBR RR for a first bike I am thining of going with the NSR.

    What do you think? And any of the experinced riders out there :)

    Found out any good tid bits for a fellow confused Honda admirer?

    Plus with finances not being limitless - speaking to the banks insurance for the lower cc bikes has apparently been somewhat cheaper! I didn't expect that between a 150 and a 250 cc engine.

    Just goes to show I am still young and learning :)


  17. The NSR150 isn't made in japan, it's made elsewhere in Asia and made poorly by normal Honda standards.

    They are notorious for people having problems with them, not just engine but other issues as well.

    _Not_ recommended that one.

    The CBR250RR OTOH has a reliable reputation and decent resale value (even if it sounds like it's going a million kms an hour when it's standing still ;-)
  18. Ignore the stuff about 2 strokes being "harder" (harded than what?) to learn on. Its not true. Produce power high in the band? The band is only about 11-13000 revs as opposed to 11-19000 revs for a 4 stroke 250. Makes it very easy to ride. 2 strokes also produce way more torque down low than a 4 stroke. They are easy and fun to ride.

    The NSR150 is a terrific little bike. The NSR is a great bike however illegal to ride on your L's. Not a good idea to ride a bike outside the legal limits. Is very expensive if you get caught and even more expensive if you crash and hurt someone.
  19. Why not shop around for a CBR250R/RR in the repsol colours??!! 8)

    I'd recommend you go for the Cibbie, but then again thats my biased opinon!! :D

    Go and test ride the CBR/NSR/RS125 and see what you like. (you're probably gonna only keep it for a year then upgrade anyways!!.... then Go the 2006 Repsol CBR1000 8) ....wouldnt recommend it - but you could! 8) )