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Honda Regulator went pop.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 265chemic, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Sooo I decided to take my chances with an ebay one. Bad idea.

    It was one that looked like this: [​IMG]

    Lasted about a week, from 'carpluz' (from hong kong)on ebay, $37 US delivered.

    Bit the bullet and bought a genuine one - RRP $220 - ouch.. but got it trade for $193. Funny enough, looks like the aftermarket one above but thinner - i guess thats what they copied it off. Bike has run perfectly since.

    Seller has agreed to a refund if I post back to hong kong, so not all bad.

    Moral of the story, just be wary when buying these aftermarket regs.. even if they are so much cheaper than genuine. Ive heard of some after market lasting many Ks, and some not working at all. Mine did about 250Ks.

  2. you would think after all this time and the countless number of these things burning out that honda would have rectified the problem by now.
  3. I would have thought most problems would be from the replacement unit not matching the alternator output or wiring layout. Was your unit ever working properly (as in voltage across battery within spec. at idle and high revs)? Did the unit say it was for your bike, or just a generic one?

    There really isn't that much to a reg/rec unit that would go wrong in 250km, is there?

    Smee: Perhaps the regulators would be interested in this case - doesn't sound like Honda reg/recs are of merchantable quality.
  4. I'd always go for a genuine one, because for the sake of saving some dollars a generic one could die at a bad time and ruin ones weekend :p
  5. Pinouts are the same for a whole bunch of hondas around that era (98), including vfrs, 900s, the list goes on.

    Just cheap components I guess. Yes I was getting 14v while running for that whole week, then it dropped back to nothing.
  6. Still, with a non-genuine honda reg, you could buy 3 or 4 of them and carry them for spares.... :p
  7. Well easy fix Buy a Kwaka one done 150,000ks no probs the other bike 32 years old and no problems :wink:
  8. The unit from a 99 R1 will do the trick also, think they are a little more heady duty also.
  9. And make sure that you mount it on a big plate of alloy that acts as a heat sink, too.
  10. There are about 4 billion tutorials online for the R1 swap.
  11. Are the OEM R1 ones much cheaper? After all you might not want an aftermarket one of those either...
  12. Wreckers ;)
  13. By when? Its a 1998 bike.
    Honda certainly has a bad rep with reg/recs from that era but by all accounts they have fixed the issue on contemporary bikes. As for the R1 conversion, this was going around in the early 2000's when I had my reg/rec fail on my '98 VFR800.

    I went with an OEM replacement with a computer fan to provide much needed cooling. My mate went with a modded R1 unit from the wrecker. Mine is still going 150,00Km (6 years) later. my mates lasted around 30,00kms. The problem is with the lack of cooling (and even more so on earlier VFR 750 models) rather than the quality of the unit.
  14. I still read about problems with them from more modern bikes hence the question
  15. I believe Honda has been trying to rectify the problem Smee, but their rectifier doesn't work.

  16. Then they need to regulate their QC better.
  17. I suspect they'll continue to have the capacity to die an odious death.