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Honda recalls 38000 cruisers

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Recall

    ...Yep, this applies to Aust Hondas as well, I received my recall notice in the mail for my 1300s - problem with fuel line - only takes 1/2 hour to rectify.
  2. Re: Recall


    How old is your bike?


  3. recall


    Picked her up on 13/12/07. It was a demo model, first registered in Sept 07. Manufactured in July 07.

    Nice bike hey !
  4. Re: recall

    Yep, very nice bike.

    I just noticed your reply on my "Picked it up today" thread, thanks for that!
    I think the titanium VTX 1300 is the nicest Cruiser I've seen, but I am biased.... LOL...... hadn't been on it for a little while 'cos of family holiday in the 4WD, work after we got home and several other issues that had arisen, but today I got on it again and man.... I felt like I was HOME!!!! LOL... \:D/


  5. Thanks Brian,

    The Titanium was the only colour choice in NSW when I got mine, don't matter, I fell in love with her in the showroom as soon as I saw her. I had a Honda VT1100 ACE for 12 years before the VTX, never thought I would never sell the ACE until I saw the VTX.
    It is so different to the ACE, handles so much better, after I had it for 3 weeks I rode it from home (Wollongong) to Coolangatta in 1 day (1000ks) and could have kept going !

    Over the last few months I've been buying a few accessories from Cruiser Customising in the USA. Delivered to my door in 2 weeks, and at 95c to the US $1 its a bargain.
    This is a list of my accessories.

    Post some pics of your bike mate...

  6. Yeah, I've been slack.... had the bike 3 months now and haven't put any pics up.. I came back to riding last December, bought a VTX750C Shadow, hadn't had a bike for 25 years. But 3 months later, I realized the Shadow was too small for me. Great bike to re-learn on, but once I started to really get a handle on riding it, it didn't do it for me any more. So I upgraded to the VTX1300. Knocked back a 2 year old VTX1800, with pipes, sissy bar and saddle bags, the day I picked the 1300 up. Nice enough bike, but it was 2 or 3 years old and I wanted a new one. Glad I did, the 1300 is a joy to ride. I have Kuryaken Crash Bars on her, but that's all at the moment. Saving for a sissy bar/rack, windshield and saddle bags. I'll get some nice pics on the weekend and put them up here. I do have a page on Cruisercustomizing, it's still got a pic of the Shadow on it.


    The pic was taken just a month before I traded it, I had added Kuryaken Highway Pegs to it about 2 weeks before I traded.


  7. ..yeah, the VT750c is a nice bike. My wife rides one same as your pic on CC, and she loves it. Traded up from a Rebel250 last year, so she is still getting used to it.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up on the recall thing Peter, mine is booked in for Wednesday morning to have the work carried out.


  9. Recall work completed! Gave me another chance to ride my bike yesterday as well! (Don't normally ride weekdays mornings 'cos I'm usually in my service van at work, but any chance to jump on my cruiser makes it a better day!!! \:D/ )