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honda rc51 vtr1000 sp1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BiG DaN91, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. anyone here have experience on them? seems like an interesting bike, not the typical inline 4 sportsbike and i love the v twin sound and their looks. the main concerns id have is their performance being outdated, parts might be hard to come by, they run very hot and weighing so much more compared to modern sportsbikes.

    im torn on what bike to upgrade to as these seem so damn cool but i dont think itd be very practical to ride everyday and im only a uni student so i cant afford multiple bikes. it might just have to be a dream bike for me to find in the future along with a cbr1000rr repsol.

    am i crazy to think about these to commute to uni everyday and ride weekends/possibly trackdays??? my other considerations are a 05-08 gsxr750, daytona 675 but i really need to test ride them all

    heres a good thread i found about them being considered as the muscle car of sportsbikes

    so basically what would u choose out of these -
    05 repsol
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15

    2001 vtr1000 sp1
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15

    07 gsxr750
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15

    05 gsxr750
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15

    07 daytona 675
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15

    06 daytona 675
    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...480 1554 82 4294962458 504 1625 1582&__Nne=15
  2. Get the VTR.
    If I didn't commute 37k's each way every day (may go back to 50 each way soon) I would get one.
    I had it's softer brother, the firestorm and would KILL for the SP.

    They're built excellently, sound insane, and they aren't just another screaming 4pot.
  3. SP1 FTW.
    I love these things, and while yes they may be getting a little dated now in looks and power, they are a cult bike that will ALWAYS stand out in a crowd. Oh and regarding power, on paper it does appear to have a fair whack less power than modern L4's, but if like me you're coming off restrictions, the SP1 will never for even one second feel 'underpowered', and even most experienced riders claim It's on road power far outweighs the paper power figures. Mmmmm gotta love V-twin goodness :)
    Ps, that is an awesome price for an SP1 with under 10k km's! Better snap it up before someone else (me lol) does ;)
  4. lol yeah i was a bit worried posting all the bikes im lookin at here for that reason! ive got a couple months till i buy anyway so its all good. i know what u mean about the cult bike, only true riders know what they are but it will keep everyone else guessing which is cool. im not worried about the outright power as im upgrading from a 250 itll feel like a rocket anyway, its more the handling and all the new technology its missing.

    would i be evil to waste one of these on commuting and rack up the kms?? its hard to choose whether to buy a dream bike vs a practical one when they are all around the same price! i reckon the rc51s will increase in value in the next 10 years or so too when they become even rarer which is why im hesitant to use one as a daily ride. if i had the money id save my vtr250 to commute and ride the sp1/2 on the weekends, but id probably just end up riding it all the time lol

    oh and i read this too which makes me a bit worried haha

    "If you are a good rider it will prove & exploit your skill to the world, if you are mediocre it will kick you in the teeth & laugh at you. It is purpose built for strafing curves, serious commuters or tourers need not apply. It can light a fire in your soul that is not fueled by adrenaline, but by passion & when you ride it nothing else matters except it, you & making the next turn" http://www.rc51.org/
  5. Don't buy the rc51 if you are going to leave it outside at work. Nothing will ruin a bike faster.

    Oh and that quote is such a wank, every owners group talks like that.

    Any reason not to consider the normal VTR they are bargains. 99% as good for half the money.
  6. how do you mean ruin it? the sun discolouring fairings?
    i really like the uniqueness of the rc51 over the normal vtr
  7. Yes, and the black plastics and the lenses. It's so hard to keep clean as well. Commuting means you will cheap out on tyres too which won't do the bike justice.
  8. yeh your right about not doing it justice but isnt that the case with most people on sportsbikes you see around the city etc
    guess ill have to save up for one as a dedicated weekend or track bike
  9. sp2 is meant to be a much more refined, especially as a daily. apparently the throttle on the sp1's is either everything or nothing,

    its what i want to get, though the price may force me ot the firestorm with a lower cowling:(
    just be mind-full they are a race replica, so run 530 chains ($300+ to replace the chain) the discs are premium so you wont get much change from 1k to replace them. and its getting to the stage where allot of parts will need to be re-built or replaced. so a cbr is more practical especially from an economical point of view. as for me im a v-twin nut and work in a bike shop, plus its my dream bike. but i still got 12 months before im off restrictions
  10. Yes, but as long as they aren't rare it doesn't matter.

    Trust me its cheaper to run two bikes than ruin your good one once you take tyres and insurance into account. People don't because they can't convince the wife of that logic.
  11. heard great things bout the sp1 and 2, know a guy who was seriously considering one...

    re: the commuting. up to you. some have a commute bike and fun bike, some a compromise bike... others have their flash bikes they ride in, for whatever reason, i guess accepting it will age them faster.

    up to you!
  12. Hows the decision going mate? I'm also a uni student with Gix1000. I want a Sp also but not too sure how friendly they are to commute. So far from reading on the internet, people make them seem more aggressive than the usual super sports. Maybe someone can clarify?
  13. probably leaning away from sp but ill definately look for one in the future when i can afford multiple bikes. wow youve been through 4 bikes and your a uni student? whats wrong with your gixxer? ill end up getting a gsxr750 in january i reckon, thats if i still have my license lol copped $244 and 3 demerit points in the mail today :( only 2 left
  14. Yeah I'm a curious one, I like to try alot of things hehe. I ride 35km each way and the gsxr is a bit uncomfortable, yes I know that conflicts with the SP1 but I just love the sound. I've been looking at some naked bikes like the Z1000 which looks really sweet and very comfortable. Do you ride a lot to uni? I'd recommend something comfortable.
  15. yeh i ride everyday rain hail or shine its about 30km too. i really wish i could afford 2 bikes then id keep my vtr250 to commute on because its so comfy and smashes through traffic so easy
  16. must say i too loved my old vtr250 for the way it carved traffic. hardly ever found a gap too tight.
  17. i have a firestorm, about to buy an sp1.
    I commute 120k's round trip so probably keep the storm as long as I can but the sp1 is a great bike, I rode 420k's in a day no less easily than the storm or my old gpz900r

    For mine the sp1 is more raw than the sp2 which adds to the appeal - vtwins imo should be raw. My mates ride Duc's but the Honda has that reliability factor added in & the styling of the sp1 is awesome. Consider an Aprilia RSV1000 if you aren't a big person - i'm over 6 foot & 100kgs+ the aprilia is a smaller bike.