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Honda quits F1

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. After more lean seasons as a team than they ever had as an engine supplier, the world's biggest manufacturer of 4-stroke engines has called it a day; http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,,24754707-23770,00.html

    This must surely be the continuation of a domino-effect; hideously expensive racing can no longer be financially-sustained, nor morally justified. It long ago ceased 'improving the breed', after all.

    Just to enlarge on the expense facts, here are the expenditure figures for season 2003, the last one for which accurate data has been able to be obtained.

    Total cost for the season? $2,141,100,000 US. That's 2.14 BILLION dollars.

    Unsurprisingly, Ferrari tops most categories, spending $443,000,000 of that total by themselves. 'Poor' Minardi could only manage to blow a measly $36,600,000!!!

    Williams, $185,000,000

    Ferrari, $88,000,000

    Team Salaries
    Ferrari, $41,400,000

    Operating the cars on race days
    Ferrari, $28,500,000

    McLaren, $35,000,000

    Driver Salaries
    Ferrari, $44,000,000

    Wind Tunnel costs
    Ferrari, $15,100,000

    Travel and accommodation
    Ferrari, $18,000,000

    Corporate Catering
    Williams, $12,200,000

    Car manufacturing costs
    Ferrari, 4,100,000

    It's enough to make your head spin; think of what that money would do even if it was just confined to the car manufacturing industry, and not spent on racing?
  2. Think I'm working in the wrong industry :roll:

    Been a couple of lean years for Honda in F1. Come to think of it, Moto GP as well.

    The cost of going racing, and winning is mind numbing!
  3. It's certainly a change from Honda's world beating spell in the sport a few decades ago.

    It's sad to see F1 in this state. I used to be a religious watcher, but now I only turn on every now and then... and only to see if Webbers car has blown up yet.

    I *hope* that this 'energy capture' stuff helps next year, but I really doubt it.
  4. Ouch, and when my street/drag car blew a transmission I was cryin about $2,000!!!

    F1 manages to blow the mind and the wallet!

  5. That is an obscene amount of money.
  6. I agree. While some of the money will pay for technology that trickles down, the current market is probably looking for developments which lower price, running costs and improve economy. F1 doesn't exactly promote this.

    And now with the financial crisis, auto companies have enough problems keeping themselves out of the red, let alone funding a 2.14 billion dollar industry.
  7. 2.1 Billion that's pretty good value, you get a whole years racing for the same as a weeks worth of Iraq War....

    Even with the overtaking issues in F1 I know what more entertaining...
  8. James Packer could spend his fortune in 2 years.
  9. Hmnnn maybe combine the 2 , abrahm tank races through iraq? the overtaking is sure to be a spectacular bingle
  10. perhaps they're going to direct all this money towards providing me with 1 version of every naked Honda make & model ever made for my collection?


  11. Women should be naked, bikes should not be :p ;)
  12. It's a shame that Honda is quitting F1.

    Soichiro will be rolling around in his grave.

    Unless the team can be sold, Rubens & Button are out of a drive, Fry and Braun are out of a team.

    There is a lot of tallent in that team, would be a shame to see it disbanded.

    The spotlight will now be on the likes of Toyota & BMW to see if they too deem racing as a viable option in light of the current downturn in the economy.

    Whilst Honda is quitting F1, they may also consider quitting MotoGP/WSBK/SS/WRC the list is never ending :(

    Let's hope that is not the case.
  13. While it is a shame, how they can call it a sport when there's no real overtaking or battling I don't know?! At least in times gone by we had some drama on the track - I grew up with Senna and Prost running each other off the track, and they were in the same team. Classic.

    At least in this year's MotoGP we had a cracking race at Laguna Seca not to mention a couple of other good battles down the order (Lorenzo was one, Edwards and Dovizidoso another two). My main worry is that the 250's won't last until the transition to the new 600 category. It'd be (and is when they go) a great shame to loose them as they provided a real battleground last year.

    MotoGP should be alright - well attended, competetive, costs a fair bit less (still expensive, but could cut some fat?) and there is overtaking! Mind you, if Danibot won too often, then the press conferences would get a bit on the dull side...
  14. Mosely is quoted as saying he wants costs to be brought down, "Not by 20% but TO 20% of current costs."

    So if you've got a spare Commodore motor in the garage, you might just be in the running in 2010 :LOL:.
  15. Given that Mosley (was it him?) proposed a 'one engine supplier' scenario only a month ago, you'd have to think that that option is now looking like a distinct possibility. If another one goes any time soon, I'd say it was highly likely.

    Not what I'd like to see, but the championship is in dire trouble for a number of reasons, and radical surgery is almost inevitable if anything is to survive long term IMHO.

    I think everyone wants to spend less money now, but the two top teams will only agree to anything if it means that they still remain clearly the top teams.

    Bernie has (so far) just concentrated on drawing in new funds from emerging economies rather than answer the difficult questions like how to bring in new viewers, deal with negative green perceptions and cut costs. That will have to change very soon if F1 isn't going to end up as a tent-show in some third world backwater.
  16. I lost interest in F1 ages ago.

    bikes more much more exciting.
    I read somewhere that the cost of leasing a bike is approx 3 million for the season.
    and I thought that was expensive
  17. I think it's bigger than F1, actually, this problem.

    Each year there are billions of dollars spent on motorsport, and not 1c of it returns anything of social, moral or economic value to the community.

    ... as for F1, well they, not the normal car manufacturers, should have been developing new fuel technologies decades ago, instead of sticking their collective heads in the sand and muttering the tired old mantra of, "this is the pinnacle of the automotive word and should not be subject to the same rules as the lower mortals".

    And as far as the drivers are concerned, there is just no way, no matter how great the risks, ANY man is worth $44,000,000 to drive a car round a track.
  18. This has been an option for some time. In actual fact they have appointed Cosworth as the supplier of the engine, teamed up with another company to supply the gearbox/drivetrain as they want one unit. But this is only if it goes ahead

    BUT, this needs to be seen fo what it is. Rather than the FIA having more thinktanks and trying to come up with solutions to find the balance, they said "right, we're gunna go to a control engine and drive train...if you don't like, it , all of you constructors need to get together and propose some other solution" (between the lines that's wahat they said).

    So now the onus is on the constructors...tell us what rules you want or have this one. Not a bad threat IMO, and they BETTER come up with a better plan coz control engine is exactly the OPPOSITE to the spirit of F1.

    The bestthing they did was fcuk off launch control, brake assist, traction control. Now KERS will be another good development and mix it up well as well as the reduction in downforce allowed.

    And it is hella expensive, but at least SOME of the technology has trickled down. Meh, I still love the races I have to say...we're about to book for MElbourne F1 :woot:
  19. I'm not saying it's not great spectacle (although if they got rid of most of the aero rubbish and made the drivers earn their living really driving it would be better), but in terms of how much money is being earned, and how much is being SPENT, it's an unsustainable business model.
  20. Oh yeah I agree with you, they really do need to reduce costs. Super Aguri had to leave mid season this year, Honda will be selling up. They definitely need to reduce costs, but in a way that keeps the spirit and spectacle and competition. Otherwise they might as well all drive Holden HQs.

    And yes, they have got rid of heaps of the aero rubbish. All those add on sticky outy bits are barred now. They will look a lot cleaner -> like the 90s version cars. (Although all those winglets kinda grew on me :grin: )

    They want to move the focus to mechanical grip rather than aero grip, which is also why they have gone back to slick tyres..no more grooves. Which should also satisfy your desire to make the drivers earn their keep, since they also got rid of all the driver aids at the start of 08 which immediately brought back a bit of the spectacle.

    At the very least, these changes have mixed things up a lot. Next season will be interesting to see how the changes affect each team.