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Honda production 800cc

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slider, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. With MotoGP now using 800cc bikes...I was wondering if anyone has any reliable information regarding mass production of the 800cc class for us commoners...Anyone in the industry have a heads up? :?:

  2. I think I remember reading somewhere they are at least 12 months away, but take that with a grain of salt.

    It would be a good size engine, the extra grunt/torque when compared to a 600, but not the all out power of a thou.
  3. Bring on the zzr800 :grin:
  4. I agree...it would be great to see a Honda & Yamaha variant, at the moment the only manufacturer to offer a decent super sport compromise is Suzuki with their GSXR 750.
  5. Honda have had the VFR800 since '98. I did hear that it is on a limited life and will be discontinued after the 2008 model :(

    Incredible bike, I know, I ride one !
  6. So does that mean there won't be any R8's, CBR800rr's or Ducati 799's in the future?

    If there's a wish list... I'll take a Ducati 799
  7. I have ridden one, they are a great bike...however they just don't have the sex appeal of a true supersport IMHO.
    Then again, whatever blows your hair back eh? :LOL:
  8. Possible that they may run the V4 or V5 engine configuration aswell. (from MCN mag)
  9. BMW anybody?
  10. How about an 800SS instead.......it has been around since 2002

  11. Ducati have the 749(close enough) and the 800SS as mentioned.

    I would also love to see Yamaha bring a competitor to the GSXR750 to market. 750cc seems like the perfect size for street use, bigger than a 600 but not as crazy as a 1000.

    But MotoGP really has little to do with what ends up on the production floor, its all about the different Superbike series(correct me if I'm wrong). Thats the only reason there are such Supersport bikes available with such huge performance potential(in the right hands). They make the bikes so they can be raced straight of the showroom floor. :cool:
  12. Aprilia are planning to release the 750 naked twin (Shiver) and an 800 (the Mana) with continuously variable transmission within the next year. Supermoto version of Shiver is rumoured, too. don't know about a sportsbike tho', as they are also working on a 1200 RSV and 1200 Shiver, and a 1000cc V4, so they may have their hands full.
  13. Be cool to have the vfr v4 800cc beefed up and tuned a bit more aggressively in a supersport with all the goodies.
  14. Sucessor to this perhaps?

  15. I think i'll take the Ducati Desmosedici - the Superbike for us mortals. Only 100,000, so i just wont get anymore fines when I get the liscence back and I can buy one ASAP

  16. i dont know about that anymore, as the engine is the base for the new gp hondas
  17. You sure dude, I though the 800cc engine was based on the old 990cc one?
  18. pretty sure i read it somewhere cant think where
  19. I'm pretty sure they just dropped a cylinder off the 5 Cylinder 990cc engine. It was Honda that pushed hard for the change tot he 800cc format and part of the reason was that they already had a engine model ready to go.

    Also Ducati will most likely be bringing out a 848 next year that looks just like the new 1098. It will be the replacement for the 749.

    I for one would be interested in seeing a few R8's, CBR800RR's, GSX-R 800 and ZX8R's on the showroom floors! :grin: