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Honda PCX 150

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Cellisimo, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hello all,

    I just picked up a brand new Honda PCX 150 and really think it's a fantastic scooter.

    The only thing I noticed is that its quite stiff in the suspension (I previously had a Kymco Espresso 150).

    Is there any way of softening up the suspension?

    Any advice/experience would be appreciated :)
  2. If after reading the owners manual, you didn't find anything about changing shock settings or spring preload, then the only other option is to take it to a motorcycle suspension specialist and have them rebuild the suspension with different springs and shock valving.
  3. Thanks Senator, nothing in the manual.

    It's a particularly stiff ride compared to other scooters I've owned and assumed that others may have also found the same.
  4. Possibly because:

    i) it's brand new (suspension hasn't been used yet, and everything feels weird on a new bike and/or;
    ii) it's a quality brand being a Honda, the suspension may be a bit more substantial.

    Stick with it, give it two weeks or so before you rush to get it changed.

    ...... Doesn't it have a good getaway at the lights!
  5. the suspension is a bit... funny on the PCX. I ended up changing the rear shocks for YSS ones which made it handle better in my opinion but overall just try it in different scenarios and see if you begin to like it. The YSS shocks are firm and they absorb more of the bumps and crap on the road. So while it's not what I would call soft it is definitely more effective suspension than stock at keeping the bike stable.

    Ultimately the suspension and tires are the only two mods I did to mine as everything else felt good and really I am sure the stock tires would've been fine but I was all new and fresh to riding and wanted the best sticky stuff I could fine.