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Honda parts????

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by canuck, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. G'day,

    I am an L plater with 2000 + kms experience. Riding to work today the front tyre came out from under me as I was changing lanes, oil or slick road paint I think. Needless to say I damaged the bike. Broke off both mirrors and mounts, clutch lever, gear lever, front mud guard, headlight and mount. Tore a hole in my draggins but the kevar did the job. I am looking for advice on where to find parts. I have been looking online all morning with not much luck. I am new to Melbourne so any advice would be appreciated. I have an 1989 Honda Spada VT 250

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  3. Thanks mate, Ill give em a call.
  4. Even better..


    Put in all your details & notification goes out to parts businesses.
    You just sit by & wait for someone to contact you.

    Using them atm.
  5. You have a bad case of swingarm termite hey Kish! :shock:
  6. Yep, but not looking for a replacement.

    Looking for a left inner fork because mine has a small stone nic.

    Filled out details on find-a-part after business hours last night &
    have already received (4) responses.

    "Bike Parts Sydney" <parts@bikepartssydney.com.au>

    Thank you for your enquiry with Bike Parts Sydney. Unfortunately, we
    do not have the parts you have requested in stock, but if you would like
    us to aid in obtaining these parts, please call or email. We can contact
    our warehouses in Japan and elsewhere to obtain a price & availability of
    both new and used parts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Bike Parts Sydney
    Email: parts@bikepartssydney.com.au
    Phone: 02 9822 5357
    Fax: 02 9601 3083


    Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 09:43AM
    Subject: RE: Findapart request for Kawasaki ZX-10R

    Only have a complete fork leg for $650.00, No tubes yet.

    Kind Regards

    Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers,
    52-54 Mologa Rd.
    Heidelberg West. 3081

    Ph 03 94571733
    Fax 03 94571866