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Honda parts - Barry Francis Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by inztigator, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Needed some parts for my CBR500R, and I stumbled upon Barry Francis Motorcycles while searching Google.

    Just wanted to say, the service level I received from them is short of EPIC!!!

    I stay in Sydney, and contacted various dealers here. Got BS replies, and no reply at all from some. Thought, let's give these guys in VIC a try. They were first to respond, and answered every question and concern I had without issue.

    It did cost me $30 shipping to get the parts from VIC to NSW, but I will happily spend this, if its means dealing with a fine bunch as these guys! I dealt with a women called Morgan ;)

    VIC are lucky to have such nice peeps serving Honda in their state :)
  2. Just one of the many good things about living in Victoria ;-)
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  3. Who did you contact locally/in NSW?
  4. Fixed the typo in the thread title, if you got good service from them we should make sure search engines classify it properly.
  5. I'll be using these guys on recommendation from now on given my experiences with dealers and Honda itself.
  6. They are awesome!! Ordered some items from them, 5 days it was at my door!! And $20 shipping. It would cost me almost as much to drive to local Honda dealership, with toll fees, and fuel!

    Oh, and they charge Honda's recommend prices. I have noticed other dealerships still add markup to Honda's pricing.

    But wait, there's more.

    Their website has detailed images, with all required parts, plus prices for the CBR500R, so finding exactly what you need is a dream! Just select Year, Make, and Model, and voila :)

  7. They don't have anything listed for the 2008 CB400 that i can see..
  8. I think the parts listing is from a common Honda database, as I have noticed other dealership websites using the same function, so I am guessing that your model is not on the Honda database any longer.

    I can only find CB400 from 2011 models onwards.
  9. Yeah its a common database, Honda Parts Australia use the same one.. seems the CB400 is no longer included pre 2011
  10. I just went to that link and tried 2013 and 2014 and it didn't list the CBR500?

    Did a search in their search function for 'CBR500' and no results were returned (much like phone calls from Honda when awaiting parts for 3 months)...

    I'm confused, it's almost like this is advertising for them???
  11. Nvm..... wrong model.. ignore me :p
  12. They don't have all models listed, only a selection.

    I still would like to know which dealers were contacted locally. I work at one, so it's shitty that someone in NSW had to order from VIC.
  13. I will have to check my sent items, but one of the dealerships that did contact me was Sydney City Motorcycles, however the response times on the emails was 1-2 days every time they needed to confirm something.

    PM me your details. More than happy to support local if the service is there.

    The only reason I took the risk and went cross state with the guys in VIC, was that they replied within 30 minutes of my original email, with confirmed pricing, confirmed availability of parts at Honda, and a delivery date! That sold me right there :)

    To top it off, the lady said they are getting more and more business from NSW, and was wondering what the dealerships are doing over there :D
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  14. I might give these guys a call to see what the wait time on a new fuel tank is... I've only been waiting 3 months. Giving up on Honda for customer service as I haven't had any yet...

    If these guys are good I might deal with them for all orders from now on.
  15. You have nothing to loose. Ask for Morgan, tell her Joe referred you ;)
  16. Morgan know's his shiz, same as Dougy.
    My shop of choice for servicing and part's...Handy as it's only 1 hour away. :)
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  17. Is Morgan a dude??? :D
  18. Yeah mate.
  19. Lol. My bad :D Never spoke to "HIM" on the phone. Always assumed it was a women.

    Now I know ;)