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honda or hyosung

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by L3vi, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. HONDA


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  1. hi all. i just got my Ls for my 250 and am looking for a bike. its between a hyosung GT250R or honda CBR250R. wat do u recon???

  2. Actually i Love both of them :grin:

  3. whats best tho. insurance for CBRs is heaps for P platers.
  4. Given your age comprehesive insurance for either bike is going to be extremely high. Both bikes have advantages/disadvantages. The CBR is faster but with a Hyosung there's less of a chance you'll wind up with something that's been crashed and repaired or has been thrashed to the point the engine will soon die.
  5. yeah insurance is about $2500 for the hyosung and i can pick up a brand new hyosung for $6500AU.
  6. wat wood be the best 250 2 buy. i know the CBRs are prob the fastest. im looking at about the yr 2003+. iv got about $7000au.
  7. For a CBR that does not exist.
  8. Well actually my insurance is not too bad ,given my age it is cheaper ,and also being a rateing 1 with the company for over 18 years helps i spose :grin:

  9. If you just want something to learn on best bet would be to go for a GPX, you could buy one brand new for that budget but you're probably better off getting one that's 1-2 years old and saving the money for something else (better protective gear, insurance etc.). Buy new and you'll lose $1-2,000 the moment it leaves the dealer - though that's probably not a problem if you plan on keeping it for a few years.
  10. dont waste $7k on a 250, they're all gutless and poorly built considering the money.... buy a shitter, trash it, sell it for the same money to the next sucker that needs to ride a 250 and get on with riding bikes that are built well :grin:

    and to echo again, no such thing as a 2003 CBR, esp not the R model, they died out in the mid 90s
  11. ^zactly.
    buy something cheap and entertaining (gs500 like mine comes to mind), enjoy it, be nice to it so it lasts you through your ps, then buy a zx14.
  12. Yep, the last CBR was made in '96. The only fully-faired 250s made after 2003 are the Hyosung GT250R, Kawasaki GPX or Kawasaki ZZR. (WA's still on a 250cc limit isn't it?).
  13. As much as i love the looks of the hyosung unless you have a bit of money to throw around, i'd just buy a decent cbr for $3000 and sell it when you're off restrictions.
  14. strange thing are happening here at Netrider....everyone seems to agree.

    go the shitbox 250. thrash it round for a year, then spend your 7g's on your second bike.

    should be no shortage of bikes available in Bunbury so just spend some time looking round, dont jump at the first one you see.
  15. I've heard so many people comment about the Hyosung breaking down all the time. As much as it sounded like a good bike, get something cheap, ZZR250, CB250 (not CBR250) GPX250, VTR250, Susuki Across, and theres some other one I cant think of.

    The good thing about the VTR and CB is that they dont have fairing, and you can easily attach Oggy knobs to them, so if you drop the bike you wont bust it up much. I wish I had chosen a non fairing bike for my first, I'd feel mroe relaxed on it because I'm always worried about busting up the fairing if I drop it (which I have done twice now). Also CB250 go really cheap so you can ride around on it for a few months, and if you get sick of the looks you can sell it for the same price you got it and get something with a bit more bling. A good muck around bike is handy to have, something you arent too affraid to drop, that way you can practice all sorts of slow low turns and funky stuff!

    By the way, spend a good chunk of your money getting GOOD leathers, boots, back protector, gloves and Helmet. That will eat up about $2500, but for that ammount of money and if you take care of your gear it'll last you years, plus it will be track-day worthy. Take another biker with you that already owns proper gear, they'll help you pick out good brands and tell you what you should be looking for fit wise. If you want to know what its like to hit the road with bad protection, get someone to knock on your knee cap and elbows like they would on a solid wooden door this will give you a taste of what its like hitting the road, and press your skin agasint a belt sander while its spinning to know what its like to slide along the gravel. :twisted:
  16. I picked up a VTR250, low km's. Excellent bike. Nice smooth power curve, pretty agile and easy to learn. A bit more pricey than some other bikes though. Especially here in WA
  17. Really? I have heard that the Hyosung is turning out to be a good reliable bike. Any owners like to comment?
  18. no
  19. Honda would be my pick , cant beat the Jap crap , start first time , every time.
  20. Save your money for your next bike. Buy a cheapy, ride it for as long as you need to then flog it off to the next sucker stuck on a 250.