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Honda Or Hyosung

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zacie, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I am an older bloke at 53 and have been viewing this site for a while. Anyway the mid life crisis got to me and I got my L's then didnt ride very much except for hiring a scooter for a week just to try. So now I am on my full licence.

    So I have been looking at buying a bike, a manual. Here are my choices after sitting on a few and getting the feel. I know the choice is big but these are the bikes I felt I liked best and suited me.

    Honda VT 400 or Hyosung GV 250.

    Both have their good & bad points. The Honda looks nice, lovely to sit on but very heavy. From reviews I have read, its also quite sluggish.

    The GV 250 is nice, I believe not as sluggish as the Honda and a lot lot less in price.

    Both bikes would be second hand and I have picked up a sense that Hyosungs aren't well like here and I appreciate your views because you have more experience.

  2. If you are on your full licence then why would you buy a lams bike?
  3. As someone that's owned a hyosung for the best part of 2 years, I'd advise against buying one. Don't get me wrong I love my bike to bits but having an entire gearbox need replacement, then having to wait 7 weeks for hyosung to import said replacement in has sort of killed the deal for me. Take this with a grain of salt, there has to be at least one person that hasn't had an issue with a hyosung. Also the 400 won't be more sluggish.

    You'll have a ball with either imo, just ride both and see what you like, then buy something bigger.
  4. OK, good question.

    Being older and having only ridden a very (only on the full for a month)little I dont want something too powerful. Dont plan to go on highways. Just the local suburbs, maybe into the city and thats it really.

    At my age I guess I dont have the same fearless outlook like young blokes, I am more conservative. But have always wanted to try riding and never got around to it.
  5. Now I feel like a knob, disregard that last part of my post.
  6. Unless price is a huge issue, I would go for the Honda simply for the reliability and peace of mind!
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    At 53 I'm sure you have a good sense of self preservation, a bike only goes as fast as you twist the throttle. Why limit yourself to just 2 choices of lams bikes. Bigger bikes have better brakes, better suspension and are a more relaxed ride, if you are licensed for a bigger bike I know whatbi would choose
  8. No mate I appreciate your input and advice. was your Hyosung new when you bought it ?

    I know the Honda I have read is easy to handle but it does feel really heavy and I know its about 250kg whereas the Hyosung is much lighter.
  9. I've had my new gt250 hyo for 14 months odd now and no issues. The servicing is pricey due to regular valve clearance checks, but other than that...
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    Thanks mate, what you say makes a lot of sense. Only thing is I have only ridden a scooter since doing my L's and that was only for 1 week so I dont have a lot of experience. I think a bigger engine bike would scare me a bit.

    I probably would only be in 60-80km zones anyway. First I have to remember how to ride the bloody thing. I used to drive semis for the C'wealth govt, so the bike is soo much different.
  11. Zacie...where are you located?

    As mentioned, the Hyo's may be good out of the box, but reliability and parts supply issues are a major problem. A quick google search will underpin that.

    Any of the Japanese bikes are bomb proof. But don't be too restrictive re CC's...you may regret not getting a larger capacity bike down the track, The cruiser style bikes, particularly Hondas and Yamahas, say a LAMS sized Yamaha, might suit your requirements though. Me..I want an M109RZ :)
  12. zacie - I have an 06 GV250, done about 8K on it since Dec last year. If buying one to keep I would recommend the 650 for an extra spend of only about $3k more. You wont have to wring its neck as much at highway speed.

    Having said that, I've never had a hint of trouble from mine (touch wood...) and find it a good,comfortable (600km+ days occasionally), economical (350km to the tank) and easy to ride bike.

    The reason i went the 250 was purely price as the extra couple $$ i saved on it went straight into the upgrade fund :) :) - all I wanted was a cheap 250 cruiser to get me back into riding (i'm 40 and hadn't ridden for nearly 20 years)

    Have fun whichever way you go
  13. Just on that I was reading a few US sites that had really good things to say about a Vulcan 500, I have looked on bikesales but could find it.

    I have seen some bikes like Yamaha or Suzuki I think they were 650 cc in that cruiser layout. Might be worth having another squiz.
  14. VMax


    V-Rod Muscle

    that is all
  15. Yep. First one lasted all of 3 months before I binned it, that was in Oct 09. Getting around on the insurance replacement (it's getting a major service done today, looking at ~800 all up including new tyres etc) which is just shy of the 20000km mark. The gearbox went at either 8000 or 11000km, can't be bothered to dig up the paperwork to check.

    Granted that's just my experience. Shoot Stigger a PM if you feel like hearing all the horror stories. AFAIK the GV series are far more reliable (I have a gt250r) but the parts issue won't change if you ever find yourself up shit creek.
  16. Go hire a bike for a few days..practice, practice practice....then decide. I'm trying to work out if you are still on your P's.....?
  17. get the hyo 650 cruiser.

    its got a restriction in it to make it lams... you can remove it later to give you an underpowered 650.

    suit your conservative self right down the ground.

    it even gets mistaken for some sort of harley (not sure which one) to the uninformed...
  18. I thought the same way as you, bought a vstar 250 as it was low, not powerful etc. Ignored the advice of mates saying get a bigger bike and don’t get a cruiser.

    Loved the 250 but very quickly outgrew it. Bought a CB400 (still on Ps) LOVE it, it actually inspires more confidence and is easier to ride than the 250. As others have said it’s all about how much wellie you give it, in the long run you will save yourself money and be happier with a more powerful bike since you aren’t on resptrictions, rather than upgrading in 6 months. Comments here from a power perspective not cruiser vs other style perspective.

    Initially the extra power scared me on the 400, but only when I got cocky and used it, it didn’t feel like a caged animal waiting to disembowel me. With moderate revs and a gentle wrist its very tame.

    The fact that you aren’t a sexually frustrated teenager means you will be careful and respect the power, gradually using more as you get your confidence. I am a moderately sexually frustrated 35 year old and still manage to take it slow...

    Why not sign up for a HART confidence and road riding skills course (http://www.hondampe.com.au/repository/motorcycles/training_licensing/nsw/road-riding-skills.aspx) you can opt to do this on a CB400 in a controlled setting, see how you feel.

    I thought I would go cruiser all the way, changed my mind now.
  19. Thought of the 650, but it seemed moreexpensive than the Honda.

    I got a bit confused, you sad the Hyosung has a restriction for LAMS, then this is removed and tthe 650 is still underpowered ? I guess that means in comparison to other 650 bikes ?

    Might go back and see what they cost, because I think I need to buy from a dealer.
  20. For fun in the burbs you can't beat a tard and you can't out grow it in fact you will probably regress about 40 years in the first few months of ownership.