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honda nx dominator

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pragnasty, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. gday guys and gals
    just wanting to hear some thoughts and opinions on the domi.
    in looking at the 1992 model

    a few mods in mind like the acerbis 23l tank for long touring
    i (eventually) plan to take it round aus :shock:

    anything i should look for when im inspecting a bike for sale??
    i only really know about road bikes
    Never ridden a trailie before

    help greatly appreciated :!: :grin:

  2. dominator

    Listen for cam chain rattle,tappet noise coming from the rocker cover,service history,any leaks anywhere and do a compression test on it if you can and know how to,compression tester will cost you roughly 30$ from Kmart or repco or autobarn or supercheap auto,they all sell them,get the screw in type,not the push in!
    It will be the best 30 insurance policy you will ever buy whether it be buying a car or bike,
    unscrew the spark plug,you may have to take of the tank,maybe not,
    screw in the compression tester,
    hold throttle on full acceleration and dont back off,
    crank the motor over,
    the gauge on the compression tester,while cranking,it will eventually stop after about 20 seconds roughly,
    if you watch it you will see the needle on the gauge will stop getting any higher,
    Ring Honda,any Honda,some are more helpfull than others,ask for their workshop,ask what compression you should expect roughly
    If you want to be thorough,take a small oil can,after you do it once,squirt a bit of oil in the spark plug hole,not too much,5-10ml,repeat process,if the readings higher,means your compression rings are worn,or your oil rings,i forget which one,on your piston you have compression rings and oil rings,ask honda when your asking what p.s.i or kpa compression the gauge should read about it,they will be able to clarify it.Wouldnt go near one with more than 30k-35k on the clock unless its in excepional nick
    Good luck
  3. beauty cheers for your advice...
    this is old sloggers got 47,000kms on the clock
    so i wont expect to much (especially for the price :wink: )

    i will inspect and see...

  4. Prag,

    have ridden a couple of dominators in my time. My experiences are very mixed!!

    Takes me back to '94, it was only the 2nd bike I had ever ridden. Motocross track out near Narrabri. Having grown up on KTMs, the Dominator was definitely an excitement machine. A friend offered me a lash, so of course I obliged. About 3rd lap of the track, I took a corner a bit too quick - you can imagine the rest. A shambles. Thank God for back protectors or I would be shitting sideways to this day. :shock:

    Then in the summer of '99, I had the chance to extensively test another one, this time on highways. I found the cornering a little heavy. Suspension I believe was also a bit spongy. This particular Dom had serious issues with gear-shifts as well. Can't really describe the problem. Let's just say I was lucky not to get flung over the handlebars doing routine downshifts. Aside from the negatives, it had excellent spread of power of the whole range of revs. It was a tad noisy, but tolerable. I particularly liked the design, the muffler in particular rocks. Me personally, I would think about adding a few mods.

    Umm actually, I'm bullshitting. Wouldn't know a dominator if it came up and gave me muffler burn. Hee hee sorry, I'm bored. Good luck with it :LOL: :LOL: :p
  5. LOL good'un cam
    you are right about the downshifting though... i reckon a single cylinder will have much more engine braking... for the worse i guess....
    i will suss it out and see... cheers big ears :LOL:
  6. I am reckless and irresponsible with my downshifting.

    I often just quickly drop the clutch in a downshift, and don't blip the throttle.

    Singles do have far more engine braking then any other bike, But as an amatuer, I can honestly say this aspect has given me no grief.

    I have heard stories of learners losing control due to the excess engine braking of a single, but it's all talk in my experience. Singles are mostly harmless. Mostly.

    So if the downshifts bad on the dominator, don't blame the engine configuration- its just a shit bike.
  7. Dude,
    I have been kicking my 95 Domi in and out of the Sydney every day for the past 18 months. With road tyres and the high handle bars I can chop up traffic with ease. Check out the gearlever mine was stripped and failed to change (spot weld fixed it) other than that its a reliable basher that will take on all medum strips and gutters without loosing it. This morning it shot my 110kilo, 6'5 hungover ass to work without a single complaint.
  8. beauty cheers bloke.... :grin: