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Honda NTV "Revere" 650. A review from a n00b.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lurch, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. When my GPX250 took a dump recently, i found in the local paper a 1990 Revere, 31000K's $2200. Looked up on the RTA web site, found that it was learner legal, so went and had a look. After test riding it, and talking the guy down to $1700, it was all mine.
    Now bare in mind that i dont know much about bikes.
    My thoughts? Ok, for a learner bike, i have to say, its goes like stink! My friend who has been riding bikes for donkeys years, rode it, and just simply said "Theres no way that thing should be learner legal!" So that will give you an idea.
    So performance 9/10
    You have to realise, im a pretty tall guy. 6foot7 to be exact, so i tend to monster anything that is smaller than a Goldwing! :) But this thing is real comfy for me, tho im going to have to mod the Gear shift lever a little, as i have to bend my ankle at a funcky angle to get a good grip on it, and by the time i got half way home from wollongong, both my left knee and ankle where very cramped, sore and pretty angry with me :)
    Comfort (for a big guy) 7/10
    Speaking of the the gear shift. I think Honda did a wonderful job on this bike. Many good ideas pinched from other bikes (primarily Dukes - ill get to this in a sec) But why, oh why did they decide to use a gear box from a goddam Massey-Ferguson!!! What a horrid, horrid thing!! Once your up and running its ok, but in traffic (so, constantly going from 1st to 2nd) is a goddam nightmare, and false neutrals just become part of everyday living! However one good note about the gearbox, and that is 1st gear. My previous bike, the GPX, had a very twitchy annoying 1st gear. Pretty much the only thing you wanted to do in 1st gear, was get into 2nd!! But on the Revere, its brilliant! It goes forever, isnt twitchy and all round is actually a useful gear to use.
    Overall gearbox -5 points, but then add 3 points for the 1st gear.
    This bike is a single swing arm, shaft driven bike. As i said, an idea that Ducati (and BMW) use alot. There isnt much to say about this, it delivers a good constant power level to the dancing wheel, but does have one peculiarity that i wasnt expecting. Now, im sure we have all done a little compression lock up from time to time, however the shaft drive adds a new dimension to this. Due to the rotation of the shaft when the rear wheel locks for that split secound, it has a bad habit of then knocking the wheel out sideways a touch, and for a beginner, like me, it scares the crap out of you first time!!
    Overall this is a great bike. Its a bike that does nothing GREAT, but everything WELL. Its a pretty good looking bike, if you like Spada's or GS500's or ER-5's or Duke Monsters. Looks wise the onlything im going to change is the seat colour (as it needs re-trimming anyway) Standard, its a gunky Grey colour, obviously trying to match the frame colour. But all your left with is a seat that just looks faded. When i re-trim it, it will be going black.
    Overall, id give this bike 89%.
    But be carefull, try actually finding one. Ill quote from another review i found:
    "Purchasing the NTV revealed the other major bugbear - these machines are made from an unusual metal known as 'unobtainium' which has the remarkable ability to make people say "Sorry mate, it's already sold." I eventually had to go to a dealer and cough an extra few hundred pounds to get mine. Stories of cash buyers queuing overnight outside showroom doors are not unknown - remember, when purchasing you're up against every courier and despatch rider in the country."
    Need i say more

  2. A thorough review, Lurch, bu then again, ya got it for under two grand, so you have to adjuct your expectations.
    Changing the oil might alleviate some of the gearbox glitches, too
  3. Nice review Lurch. Glad to hear your emjoying your new steed so much!!! The price you paid sounds like a bargain also so well done!!

    Josh =0)
  4. Hi.

    I read somewhere onces that there is a restricter in the "manifold" of these things. I assume they meant inlet manifold.

    Pulling it out produces more power. Keep in mind that the jets will probably be way out if you do it though.

    Those things and an exhaust and you should have a pretty niftly bike
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  6. When I lived in London there where heaps of NTV's being used by motorcycle couriers. To see one of these with 200,000 miles on the clock wasn't uncommon. There used to be bike shops that only serviced NTV's, CX500 and kawasaki GT550 because they were that popular. If you go and look at the M&P website based in the UK you can get heaps of bolt on goodies for them like screens and other stuff.
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    I have just found NTV-650 Nirvana..
  9. Order a catalog from them. They only cost $10 with postage included. There as thick as a year diary pack with goodies.
  10. Hey Lurch, Like you, I just recently acquired an NTV650 and so far have been very pleased with it, It's a 1991 and done 42k and still looks like new. I have just ordered a small fairing from M&P but as yet still not recieved it. As soon as I figure out how to add pictures to this thread, I will.

  11. Hi Guys, Just joined up this website.. great to see there are other Revere owners out there. was beginning to think i had the only one in OZ - my local Honda dealer had never seen one before, he called it a 'grey import'!!
    My rev has 90,000k on the clock and still going strong, I read somewhere these motors are near bulletproof, the bloke who serviced it 2 months ago couldn't believe it had done that much work -reckons its got years of life left in it. I hope he's right.
    @ Lurch: Must be a 'feature' of the gearbox, mine too argues sometimes going from 1st to 2nd. MyBike is the same colour as yours, 'Italian Red" but has a two tone seat, black/red, also has a custom exhaust fitted. The only item I want to add to it is a gearsack rack, might have to modify one to fit.