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Honda NT700V reports please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Daggles69, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Im thinking about buying a Honda Nt700V.

    They look practical and fairly manoeuvrable. I do about 20klm each way to work. Would like to stay a little dryer in the rain. Don't want the thing to be too attractive to thieves. Needs to be reliable. I ride a 230 at the moment, and I want to be able to sit on 110klm in a headwind. Thought of a CBR600, although I don't think the leaning over the tank will suit my older bones.:nopity: :)

    If there is anyone out there, who could give me a report either way. It would be appreciated.

  2. The motor is very under stressed and if serviced should last for years and years. The bike is comfortable, has good weather protection and reasonable luggage carrying capacity.

    They are fairly heavy though so if you're on the smaller/shorter/lighter side I'd suggest riding one before you commit to a purchase.

    Typical good quality Honda finish on them as well.
  3. I have the NT 650. I find it a lovely bike to ride. All the body work makes the bike heavy when stopped but is well balanced on the move. The bike hasnt a great top speed but a fantastic mid range. Highway cruising speed 100 - 110k/h is just on the bottom edge of the tourque band which means overtaking is easy for highway cruising. If you want more infor there is a very bike UK Deauville forum. Just came back from a 400 odd k ride from falls creek to Melb via Mr beauty Whitfield, Mansfield, Yea and Flowerdale. The bike handled well on the twisties and loped along on the straight stretches and was comfortable all the way.

  4. One of the very few midrange bikes not lumbered with a chain drive. BMW F800 and small block Guzzi are the only other ones I can think of. Excellent bike for the sensible motorcyclist. You might want to check service intervals and costs before you buy. It was on my shortlist but I bought the BMW as I just liked it better.
  5. Ok. Thank you everyone.
    Im heading to the city this morning to see if I can get a test ride. I think I will check out the F800 too, if I can find one.

    Being sensible is my key to staying alive, with 5 kids, i have no other choice.
  6. Honda discontinued building these. Now considering ST1300
  7. Have had a ride of a mates BMW f800st and yes its a great bike. Also had a few ride on a Moto guzzi 850 griso, it has a nice accessory fairing and a nice feel to ride
  8. There's quite a few used NT700 on bikesales at the moment, many of them in dealer showrooms. I wouldn't have any reservations about buying used as it's not the sort of bike bought by the go fast boys.
    If you go for a ride on the F800ST, you might find the gearbox a bit notchy. Mine took about 10,000 km to smooth out. Also the seat is fairly tall but there is a factory option lowered suspension and lower seat if you are at all short of leg.