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Honda NSR150SP vs Honda CBR125R vs Aprilia RS125 (or other)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dimsum, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hey!!
    Brand new here and just curious at what I should get for a learner bike. I didn't go for 250cc bikes because I dont' want that much power whilst i'm learning (capping power cause i tend to speed) but will go for one if the reasons are right.

    The NSR150 & RS125 are 2-stroke and CBR125R is the 4-stroke?
    The 4stroke will be easier to learn in yeah?

    Reason i'm going for a sportsbike and not a CB250 or VTR250 is purely selfish reasons. i don't like the look of them.

    Maybe you guys can sway me into buying something eles if you have a good reason!

    Any help, suggestions and comments are welcome.


  2. Howdy and welcome mate,

    Have you done a search of the forums before to see what other reviews for the bikes have shown?

    In a nutshell, NSR150SP is a good commuter, gearbox and bike itself not really designed for highway speeds, very linear power band.

    RS125, will keep up and eat the sportier 250 4 strokes

    CBR125 A commuter bike again, struggles to maintain 100clicks with a decent rider (80+kg) on it.

    This is my personal opinion, strokers are more fun, but do the top end rebuilds yourself to save a little cash. If you know you won't keep your license, stay away from the RS. The NSR has a very linear power delivery, but has sqiushy footpegs and I didn't quite fit on the bike properly. Haven't ridden the CBR to comment on it.
  3. Re: Honda NSR150SP vs Honda CBR125R vs Aprilia RS125 (or oth

    Simply based on this the CBR125R sounds good for you. It's fast enough to easily keep up with traffic, just takes a while longer to hit freeway speeds (above 90KMH). After 500KM's on the clock they start to improve though so freeway speeds of 100KM/H will become easier to sustain and max speed will increase slightly. Depending on your mass and height it could be anywhere from 110KM/H to 140KM/H. Handling is supposed to be fantastic too. It's a cheap bike so parts will be cheap too (maybe slightly hard to get while it's still brand new in Oz though).

    Check out the cbr125r.ca forum to get more info. I almost bought this bike but went for a GPX250R instead because I'm usually careful not to speed :p
  4. The 4 stroke cbr125 will be easy as to learn on, but its about half as powerful as the rs125. 125 2 strokes are comparable to 250 4 strokes. 125 2S might make a little bit more torque in their powerband, but bugger all, and 250 4S have far more useable power.

    Have you looked at the across? GPX/ZZR250? CBR/ZXR/GSXR/FZR250?

    I can understand your want for a faired bike aesthetically.
  5. woah, thanks for the quick replys!

    I've read afew reviews about a range of bikes.
    The CBR125R seems to be the pick of the range. I've read that teh RS125 is to tourqey for the p's test.

    I guess i will have to wait and see what's on the market...

    When you guys say it will take 'awhile' to get to 110kms, how long is 'awhile'? I travel a fair bit on the M4/M5

    lol, i will keep my license...i just don't want the temptation...

    I weight about 80kgs and stand at 179cm tall.

    Friend owns a GPX250 and use to own a ZZR250. I've stayed away from the ZZR250 because he had alot of problems with it. Also when he hit the deck the parts where expensive...

    I've had a look at the CBR but not the others..i'll have a quick search later!
  6. On a cbr125, dont expect to be getting to 100km/h as fast as a corolla (for a comparison).

    For highway riding, i honestly cant recommend a 125 2 or 4 stroke.

    Gpx's and Zzr's Are basically the same bike, the zzr with more plastic. If he was having trouble with his zzr, then i would say it was only _that_ zzr, because the gpx and zzr series have been around for donkeys years and are still being sold new and relatively unchanged.

    If you are afraid of the cost of dropping the bike, then buy an unfaired bike. Its as simple as that. Part of owning a faired bike is the cost of replacing the fairings. Unfaired bikes might suffer from a dinged petrol tank, broken clutch gear and brake levers, indicator stalks and thats about it. to replace all those parts on a vtr250 (for example) would not cost as much as it would for 1 cbr250rr fairing that got badly cracked/scratched (not to mention the cbr's broken clutch/etc)
  7. well cagia mito is the fastest 2 stroke outa the 125s.

    dont waste your money on a 125 four stroke like the cbr 125, they get chopped up by scooters. i make it my business to laught at them.

    i woudnt want to commute on the highway with any of those bikes, (ive owned a NSR ridden and aprila and owned a 125 4 stroke)

    How about a 2nd hand hyo gt250
  8. You can speed on anything, buy a 250. You will get sick of a 125 in about, oh, a week.
    You'll also get much better resale value.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. forgot to mention my budget is about $3500

    If not the 125 then what?
  10. I picked up my NSR150 on Saturday – and I love it. The powerband isn’t really linear at all – especially once you get to 7,000rpm – then the power kicks in and the bike comes alive. It isn’t the biggest bike, but mine’s a late 2001 model (production, not date of import unlike some old 1990's CBR250RR's) and it goes well enough to keep me very happy in the twisty bits and straight bits of road. I got off with the biggest ever grin on my face, yet it didn’t scare me or try and kill me. For $3500 you should be able to buy one of these bikes (doubt you’d get one of the others at that price) but don’t skimp on the gear, so maybe save a bit more to cover that. I’ve got gloves, helmet and jacket and will be out to get some proper trousers and boots very soon – gets a bit chilly around 4:30 onwards!

    Think about what you’ll use it for, speak to the garage/mates and go from there. Everyone will have a favourite bike, mine just happens to be an NSR150 right now!! :grin: :grin:

    Oh – and the CBR125R does look a bit too small, especially the small rear tyres… (just my perspective - otherwise nice looking machine)

    P.S. I am also 180cm/78kg - and fit the NSR. Try sitting on a variety of bikes and you'll get a good idea if you fit it or not. The only "issue" I've found thus far is my L plate is shrinking as when the suspension bottoms out, the L plate touches the tyre.... obviously having too much fun! :grin:
  11. I dont think Dimsum asked what was the fastest bike. He has stated his conditions and asked about the best bike to learn on.

    The comment about making it your business to laugh at them only goes to show your ignorance. When i see them, i tend to be happy that there are people willing to learn their riding on a bike that doesnt make speed the first priority. Larger capacity bikes are where the fun is anyway. Talking about 250's and 125's in terms of which is faster, is like comparing which supermarkets' trolleys go faster - Doesnt really matter as long as you can get around the damn store!

    Dimsum, the 2 strokes might be more of a hassle to maintain - maybe go a 4 for your first bike?

    The CBR125 with an aftermarket exhaust will give you a bit of joy for the learner / P's period.
  12. Well said Stealthassasin – I felt like James Toseland/Rossi yesterday on my little NSR and I was having fun on it! I didn’t think what all the big bikes thought, I was grinning too much to care! Nothing else matters – so if people diss your bike, that’s only their opinion and chances are they’ve never ridden the particular bike/type they’re talking down.

    Makes me realise, my comment on the CBR125R is only an opinion – am sure it’s a great bike and people who’ve got one of those will be having just as much fun as I’ve had on my bike.
  13. I make it my business to laugh at 1987 GPX's!
  14. mate if you do alot of freeway kms get a gs 500, and learn self restraint, youll have to learn it someday. you can pick up an older one of em for your price. otherwise GPX 250s are easy to get for around 3 grand, just take somone with you that know about bikes, some of the older ones can have problems in the loom.
    if you were staying in the suburbs a 125 would be fine, but you are not. and a 2 stroke? unless you are handy with a spanner, have decent cash flow for parts and only want it as a weekend toy, i wouldnt go there.

  15. I have an Aprilia RS 125 and I love it to bits. I cruise down a highway to work at 100kms and it is no worrys (although I don't ride it everyday).
    The only worry with this bike is cold frosty mornings in canberra and the little 2 stroke takes a bit of time and love to get started. But once she is going there is no stopping her!
    Oh I am a 5'7 60kg chick. And the RS fits me perfectly!
  16. It weirds me out when someone bags the crap out of the cbr 125r for being gutless...well no shit hey? I was expecting 300 clicks. That said...

    Dude you ride a 20 year old 250...i dont want to stir your pot, but how can you get all uppity when riding a gpx?

    Its a really good learner bike, assuming you have never ridden. It will be way more controllable than the two strokes, and its cheaper. Also, it gives you something cheap, thats nowhere near too powerful, it dosnt really matter if you drop it and its cheap to run, and its not a huge investment to see if u like riding.

    The 2 stroke 125's in my opinion are a bigger waste of money. Because there harder to take care of, and there gutless anyway.

    The 250's available in the lams bracket are probably a better option, but you said you dont want that much power. There honestly not that powerful. But within your parameters, the cbr 125 r is a solid choice, based simply on its financial aspect. Maybe even a sachs 150? is an option, but ive never ridden one.

    It always weird me out people trying to get fast learner bikes, there a contradiction.

    I think a keypoint with any bike purchase, is the buy the one that you LOVE, or atleast like alot.

    You need to figure out how much you can lose, then go from there.
  17. I had the NSR as my learner bike, LOVED it to bits, kickstart was pretty annoyin on cold mornings but nothing that would make you not want to ride.

    Better looking then cbr125 imho.

    EDIT: resale is pretty good too, sold mine for about $300 less then i bought it
  18. =lol if u saw it u woudnt laught at at. dosnt look like a gpx anymore
    =Just saying dont waste your time on the cbr125 ive know too many people that have goten over tiny bikes in very short periods of time having ridden some of them i can see y. U dont wana get something tiny and regret it.

    I ride a 20 year old gpx that i rebuilt moded and painted, its pretty easy to get uppity.
  19. Kudos on the modding man, but you have no reason to be uppity towards anyones bike, regardless of what you ride, its just bad dong. Post some pics of your bike, im keen to see how one can make a gpx look good lol(jokes man)
  20. yep - the NSR is bags of fun :demon: and ticks all the boxes for me as a learner bike which I'll be keeping for at least a couple of years.

    The kickstart is a bit of a pain, but due to it, I've been forced to understand a bit more of the mechanics of the bike :-k , rather than pushing the starter button and simply riding off...

    Add to that the bargain basement cost of buying one (because it's a kickstarter?) and I'm not expecting to loose a huge amount when the time comes to pass her onto a new owner and the grin just keeps on getting bigger! :grin: