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Honda NSR150 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Steve Brown, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Help...
    My son has a 2003 NSR150 that has only done 3000km and it's parked in my garage. He's overseas and I thought I'd start it up...see if it still goes. Well, it doesn't! Being a good Dad I put a new plug, battery and fuel in it pressed the "run" button, pulled the choke out, switched the ignition on, gave it a swing.....and nothing! Am I missing something? Is there some hidden switch or technique that I am unaware of? I know 2 strokes are a pain at the best of times but I reckon as there's a spark and fuel it should go but it won't. Any ideas?

  2. The bike will not start unless it’s in neutral – so give that a check 1st.

    OR - It might be flooded….

    If so, turn the ignition switch to “offâ€, fully push in the choke, close the fuel supply. Now when you kickstart, open the throttle fully – this should clear any fuel from the carburetor - give it 2-3 kicks to fully clear it.

    Now go through the usual start up procedure – neutral, fuel on, choke out, ignition to “on†and kickstart the bike. This time, give it about 1/3rd throttle and you should get a little roar when it comes to life. :grin:

    That’s worked for me (I've had plenty of practice!) – and it’s in the manual too (there is a link for an NSR manual somewhere on here – or try googling it).

    If you’re going to “test ride†it, then don’t forget the helmet and protective gear… :cool:

  3. Thanks for the help. Can I presume nuetral of the gears is indicated by the little green light (?) because that's twinkling at the moment. I've pretty much tried all the things that you suggest and have a manual as well. I've checked the oil level in the oil tank as that has an indicator and wondered if there was some interlock there ...but still no go. Unfortunately, I don't plan to ride the bike as the last bike I rode was a 500cc BSA Goldstar back in 1970 so I'm a bit rusty!
  4. Have you got the fuel tap turned on? That's on the LH side, around where the knee would be when sitting on the bike.

    How long has it been sitting around unstarted for? It may take some time for fuel to flow down and get started, hope you wanted exercise to get the thing started :p
  5. About 2 years....it's a waste of a nice piece of machinery, hence my interest in getting it going again. I've got the fuel on but there doesn't seem to be much compression. It's very easy to swing over.... is that normal? It certainly isn't an effort even for an old bugger like me. Thanks for the assistance from you guys so far...I'm trying it all.
  6. Green light is neutral indeed – but it could be showing “false neutral†– check this by wheeling the bike to and fro – it won’t move far if it’s in gear.

    Otherwise – a bit of persistence with the kickstarts (give it a good kick!) - maybe holding the clutch in too - and there might well be something in the fuel switch being off for a while.

    I’ve found that it hasn’t always cleared 1st time either – so grab a cuppa, then try again. Going through the steps seems to be the trick with this bike. Good luck! :)

    It's a small bike, small (tiny) engine. Compression isn't all that high until you get to 7,000+rpm! :grin:
  7. After 2 years I GUARANTEE the fuel is stale. You will need to drain it all out of the tank and carburettor, then replace with fresh petrol. You will probably need to clean the new spark plug before giving it another go. Also, most 2-strokes use a battery (to assist the alternator at low RPMs) and if it is low or dead it will be a dead weight on the electrical system. Check it and replace if necessary.
  8. OK...stale fuel...I didn't think of that. I'll drain it tonight and have another go. This has been a good exercise for an old bikie...I'm enjoying it....might have to get a helmet yet! Thanks
  9. two years....that's a long time. I'd say almost certainly since you've got the flickering light the battery is cactus.

    *ahem* you can try to start it while the battery is charging *ahem*

    Definitely change the fuel, from memory the tank isn't too hard to get off, just watch out at the front of the tank where it mounts onto a bit of rubber/frame. If you're mechanically competent, get the carbie off and drain the fuel out of that, make sure there is no particles suspended in the fuel.

    The plug should come out and rinse the end out in a bit of petrol and clean the tip, if it won't clean up, a new plug.

    After you've flushed the tank and ready to try again, kick it over a few times with the fuel tap on, switch on, but the kill switch off. This will get some fuel down the lines and into the carbie.

    definitely recommend the cuppa after kickstarting it for a little whie with no success.

    If you need a hand and you are on the east side of Melbourne, give me a yell.

    Good luck and let us know how you go!
  10. I should also mention you may have a bit of dried fuel gum in the carburettor, so IF all else fails, take the carb off and carefully disassemble and clean it, or if you don't know how, get it cleaned by someone who won't confuse all them little bitty parts (I still have to take care not to mix them up, and I've done more carbs than I can count).
  11. OK...I'll keep my fingers crossed on the stale fuel trick first...thanks
  12. ehh bar the fuel not solving the problem

    check it has some spark while its being kicked over, (if none replace plug checkelectricals)

    put it into gear with the clutch half in andpush start it. I had an NSR for a little while even if the battery has died u can push start it with 2 meteres worth of pushing. Also its the equvilant of kicking it over a zelion times withuot tireing out your leg.

    If its unsuccesfull

    check there is fuell in the float valves by draining a little. (screw at the bottom of the carb)

    there should be a little bit of resitance while pushing/kicking it over (not much though) if there is none id be checking compression.
  13. Thanks for the tips...I look forward to trying to bump start the little beast over the weekend if all else fails.
  14. well being 2 years sitting it is essential that the carb is stripped and clean

    you will be wasting your time and if it does end up running you could end up siezing it up if you ride it fast
  15. Good point Johnnie5. I'll get the carb off and clean that too....might as well do the job properly. Thanks