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honda nsr 150 sp prob

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ilovemynsr150sp, May 3, 2007.

  1. hey every1, well we had rain today in launnie for the whole day :? so when it stop i wanted to start my bike, got it started with choke on, reved it abit to keep things going, then the bike just shut off :mad: , i started again but same prob... now the battery is flat and i tried jump start it but it was dark so i could onli do it down our drive way with no success :( ... now the battery is still factory and so i thought of replacing it...it didnt have any description on the battery or in the book, so what sort of voltage would it be? i also have a switch to put the light on and off, it is always on on because it cant put it on off :? is this normal? thanx in advance :p

  2. slow down.
    Clutch start it. NSR is very easy to clutch start. My mate got it his started with a completly dead battery.

    or charge it get a charger from supacheap or where ever.
  3. 2 stokes hate not having the fuel/air mix right. I would recommend the choke just to get the engine started, rev the bike a bit(15secs), let the choke off. Warm it by bliping the throttle.(NOT into the powerband)

    U should be able to roll start the bike pretty easily. As Zbike said, its not that difficult even with a near dead battery. If not charge it up, and check that its retaining current. Ur battery shouldnt die too easily.
  4. hey thanx for your replies...me n ma dad tries to clutch start it, it started and satlled 4-5 sec later... coz the battery is pretty old i am thinking of replacing it, what sort of voltage does this bike have? thanks for your help :grin:
  5. Get off your coite and do some searching on the net. Well I guess you can sit and do it but............

    This is the replacement battery for HONDA NSR150 YB3L-A It will be 12v and you should be getting almost 14v across the terminals when the engine is running.
  6. Thank you very much for that information... i had a look on the net but i couldnt find anything relating to the nsr 150... thanx again :grin:
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  8. will upload the manual for ya in a few hours
  9. thanx for that but i already have the manual... :)
  10. Start your bike with the light off. If your battery is going flat, or the bike doesn't want to start the lights are draining whatever power is left!!

    Used to happen to me all the time.

    Also, I found last week when my bike had been in the rain all day, it didn't want to start either.

    Keep the clutch in, obviously, grab a big handful of throttle & give it a few quick kicks while you've got the throttle on. It should start after that. Which is the same thing to do if you've oiled up the sparks.

    I wouldn't worry bout replacing the battery, just start it without the light on, that'swhat I do, & I was also going to buy a new batterY!!!
  11. hey chani, thanks for that, i fixed the problem yesterday, the battery was totally stuffed and the spark plug fried itslef :? so i got a new sparkplug and battery and she started first kick :LOL: i am aslo getting a new left handle bar controller because i cant turn my lights off so they are always on which would have stuffed the battery really fast... :mad: thanx for your help again...
  12. That's ok :)

    What do you mean you can't turn them off?
  13. well the headlight switch ... mine is stuffed and you cant put it on off, so even when i turn my ignition on the lights go on and i cant put em off, if i dont get it started within the first 8 kicks the battery would be flat... luckily i will have that fixed prob till tomoz :grin: cheers,
  14. i noticed this was posted over a year ago... so i apologise for taking you guys back a fair while...
    i too have a nsr150... and have been recommended to replace the batt as it is now as dry as a rock and it is eventually deteriorating my bulbs and fuses...
    i was hoping you could pass on your knowledge and tell me what brand/detail of battery i should purchase and where ...???

    to "ilovemynsr...": did u manage to fix the light switch?
  15. There's nothing wrong with the light switch. Most, if not all new bikes run the lights on all the time. The NSR150 and the VTR250 are just 2 common learner size bikes on which you cannot switch off the lights.

    Any car battery place will sell you a battery - somewhere around $40. The battery spec is several posts above this one.


    Trevor G
  16. little note on the light switch, undo the switch from the bar, open it up, and u'll find a little piece of plastic wedged into the back of the switch, remove it (its just floating in there) and you'll have switch function again.

    turning off the lights really helps starting it !