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Honda NR750 Oval Piston Classic Vintage Rare Collectors, Rarer Than RC30 RC45

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mouth, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. $_57.JPG

    Now that's pure 2 wheeled p0rn!!

    1994 Honda Super Sport. Just a lazy GBP 65,000 (~ $120,000 AUD) !!!!


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  2. I think I just got white goo in my undies...
  3. Does the NR stand for Netrider??

  4. In the day of the race bike it was unkindly suggested that it stood for Never Ready due to its chronic unreliability
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  5. But it had eight valves per cylinder, it had oval pistons, and it was a V4, so it has to be iconically cool, even if only to engineers.
  6. Don't forget two spark plugs per piston, that at the time was a first, pretty sure of that.
  7. Aye, it would look pretty flash in my lounge room, but (sigh) I couldn't afford it.

    As for riding the thing, you'd need to be a billionaire to be able to afford that.
  8. ... and then there's how much it would cost to insure......
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  9. Warning Warning Warning

    Do not go to their Ebay Site -

    Bad thoughts will go through your head - lots of very interesting bikes
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  10. They say on the ad 'this bike will only go one way in value'................. mmmm, maybe not this particular one. There's two in Japan for sale at $88K US with zero miles.
    Damn fine piece of machinery/engineering.
  11. it was talked about for ages, but then never really made it into any racing category.

    From memory it was originally conceived as a 500 to bring 4-strokes back to GP, but Honda worked out the hype didn't meat the engineering reality. Then they hinted that it might work as a superbike, but never made it.

    All this is from my memory, so I could be wrong.
  12. Au contraire, it did race, as I recall Mick Grant rode it first and due to the tricky pistons and sealing issues with the sump it pumped all its oil out over the back tyre and dumped him on his bum on the track :LOL:
  13. Yeah, I was just reading Wiki on it. they did a couple of seasons as a 500 with no success (which included the mick gRant incident). there wasn't much info on the 750 in endurance racing.

    Ironically, their notorious unreliable VF750 went on to be become the basis of both Supersport and endurance championship contenders.

    I do remember the production bike coming out now. It was well after any racing history and I remember being quite cynical at the time, about it being just a marketing exercise.
  14. Rumour at the time was that as well as the pistons being rectangular, they were made of a ceramic material in order to limit the expansion and contraction of metal. Rumour was thus that the pistons had no rings and that's why it had oil sealing problems.
  15. Surely thats testable?
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    What, making ceramic pistons or the rumour that they did? The whole project was shrouded in secrecy at the time and for many years after. The bike generated its own urban myth industry, and it's hard to separate facts from fantasy even today.
    What is factual is that when the FIA announced the end of the turbo era in Formula One and thus the end of the Williams-Honda domination, one of the technical rules for the new, normally-aspirated engines was that they were to have round pistons.....
  17. The story as I remember it was that with the odd shape of the pistons, the rings were hard to make and equally fragile, thus the repeated failures.
    Quite apart from the NR750's less than stellar performance against the REAL race bikes ( 2 STROKES ), when they did actually manage to keep the thing running.
  18. The fact that its got no rings. If it had no rings it would be easy to see. If that was true we would know its true surely.
  19. Dunno, I'm not sure if the internals of the engine have ever been opened up to public scrutiny. And, of course, since we're talking about racing engines and Honda's bottomless pit of R&D money, one iteration of the engine might have experimented with this idea and the next one a couple of weeks or months later might have been markedly different....

    I do know that Honda spent most of the sixties, seventies and eighties testing future bike technologies away from prying two-wheeled eyes in the car environment, and vice versa....
  20. Googling aound says its got rings they were just hard to seal because they were oval. I didnt find the rumour that you said.

    Its only got 120hp with 220kgs. How far we have come