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News Honda Not Attending Sydney Motorcycle Show

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Honda Motorcycles will not be displaying at the 2015 Sydney Motorcycle Show.

    Honda Motorcycles General Manager, Peter Singleton confirmed that Honda Australia would not display motorcycles at the Sydney Motorcycles Show. Mr Singleton said "As Australia's number 1 Motorcycle & ATV brand, we issue this statement so our loyal customers and other visitors are not surprised by our absence if they attend the show."

    However, Honda will not be completely absent from the Sydney Show as it is the major sponsor of the Honda Motorcycles Head2Head EnduroCross at the event on November 20-22.

    The event will see Australia's best riders go head-to-head on an exciting and challenging purpose-built track in the Troy Bayliss EnduroCross event at Sydney Olympic Park.

    Mr Singleton went on to say "As you can see from our support of the EnduroCross, we do not have any issues with the Motorcycle Show or the Organisers but simply want to take a different direction with our customer engagement.

    We want to give our fans and customers a more interactive experience and we need to reach out to new markets for motorcycles. To this end we have participated in numerous other events throughout 2015, including the Australian MotoGP, Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, V8 Supercar Clipsal 500, Regional Field Days, as well as special Honda 'Try It' sessions around Australia. For 2016 we will further expand and enhance these experience events."

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  2. Well that is odd Bot, isn't it?
  3. I didn't know things were that rosy in the Australian marketplace that the nation's biggest seller of bikes could afford to ignore the nation's biggest show....
  4. Yes, there's no real explanation as to why there. It would be nice to understand if they think that the event costs are too high for the benefit they recieve, for example.

    I'm personally not going to loose any sleep if Honda isn't there (well, I will actually, because I usually have a little nap when I'm at the Honda stand), but if the big 6 stop going to these events then the attractivness of the event will fall off pretty quickly.
  5. You can bet they'll have a huge stand at the Motor Show for their cars.......
  6. Probably a marketing decision. FCAI reports actual sales down (detail figures) of some models. It is noted that specials are currently available from Honda till Dec 28. New 2016 Honda models announced in Japan and being shown at EICMA 19-22nd November. Is it a case of too much stock left over in Australia which would not sell if people waited for new models or simply a clash of World release dates and/or availability of new models. It will be interesting to see how Honda progresses its marketing strategy in 2016 if they are not going to participate in major Australia motorcycle exhibitions.
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  7. Would sir like to view our selection of complimentary beige cardigans, pipes and slippers to go with his new car purchase.......yawnnnnnnnnnn...........who cares
  8. Troy Bayliss getting greedy with fees for the show and Honduh saying F.U.?
  9. Yeah pretty much. I've seen this in the boat show sector as well, the number of shows in cities and regional centres is increasing, the fees for the shows are increasing but in these tight times people are more going to kick tyres than make purchases.

    For this reason a lot of big names are starting to count the cost of attending all these shows.

    They used to fear they would go broke if they didn't attend, now I think they fear they will go broke if they do.
  10. They weren't at the Melbourne show last year either.

    I personally know an events manager who helped to coordinated the instalments at Melbourne Showgrounds.

    Apparently Honda's demands on vendor space, positioning, proximity to (or distance from) others etc. etc. etc were borderline extortion.

    The events team tried to accommodate as much as possible. Found them their own space in another area.
    At the last minute Honda pulled the plug.
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  11. What motor show? Hasn't been one in Sydney (or Melbourne?) for a few years. Most of the car makers decided they weren't worth the expense.
  12. Not like they actually have anything new to show.. ok maybe the grom is worth looking at but they should really make some new bikes first..
  13. Nothing new? What about the Africa Twin? CBR250RR?
  14. Dear Honda 2016,
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