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Honda nibs on handlebars, help

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Josheos, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. I've chucked some clubmans on my bike, only problem is the nib on the throttle housing it stopping my bars going totally on, throttle won't spin as there is too much pressure from that nib, don't want to drill into my new bars so I will grind them off, but the area is so small it would be hard to ONLY grind the nib off.. Anyone had any experience with this? The new bars look aweome, a great upgrade from the stock girls tricycle ones,

    What tool can I use to grind the nib off? Do they make minuscule grinders at all? It's seriously a centimeter nib under the throttle housing and I'll have awesome new bars to play with

  2. A Dremel, but it may be easier to take it to a local Engineering workshop and get them to do it.
  3. Could you use a file?
    More control when doing it by hand, could also feasibly use some masking tape to reduce the possibility of scratching away from the bit you want to remove.
  4. What Chris said - a Dremel, a great tool.

    If you dont want to spend the $$'s on a Dremel get the Ozito alternative from Bunnings - about $25 all up.
  5. I've tried a file and some 80g sandpaper, just won't come down. If it is it's minuscule, like 0.1 of a mm minuscule
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  6. just smash it with a fcuking hammer
  7. Oh yeah! 40$ isn't too bad though still, is it small enough though? I'll go into bunnings tomorrow and pick one up, just doing a bit of research before I buy something that's too big for the job
  8. If you grind the nib off and don't get enough clamp pressure on the bar the whole thing will turn ,best drill that hole !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OK, sounds like it is hardened, files are no good on hardened steel, the abrasive suggestion (Dremel and grinding) is the right approach.
  10. J
    Just did a late night shop at bunnings, got that ozito pack, it's got a grinder and a drill attachment, I'll have a pop with the drill and see if I can do it right, if not I'll grind it out and make sure it doesn't spin with some silicone tape. Or should I just grind it down straight up? Don't want it spinning and me not having a pin anymore to stop it..
    Got a six pack on the way home for the job too ;) otherwise will probably end up kicking the bike over in anger from this stupid pin..
  11. Ok! Got a similar Dremel tool, grinded the nib down enough so I can slide the bar in, now the problem I have is that the throttle tube isn't snapping back as it should, it snaps back when it's not on the bar though, should I grind down some more so that the nib isn't there anymore? I kind of just leveled it off and slid the bar in thinking I've sorted it, but now probably fcuked up the most important part of the bike..

    Plan is to grind down the nib more, make it stay still on the bars with some silicone tape and hope to god my throttle tube snaps back right?
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  12. Looking good though kinda..

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  13. hope you get this sorted soon mate, let us know how they feel over stock bars too,
    i just got the same ones im pretty sure
    they look great
  14. No you dont want a throttle that stays part open-just ask Casey Stoner.
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  15. Yo! Yeah I got it done over the weekend, bike looks sick now, just waiting on some bar end mirrors which should come tomorrow, it's defenately a better riding position as I got the clubbys for it, it actually feels like a proper motorbike now and not a little girls tricycle. Really good improvement overall. Throttle cable is a little tight but not so much that you would notice

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  16. Will look better with the bar end mirrors, if you need any help with anything just let me know and I'll be happy to shed some light on it, show us your vtr! Always nice seeing other peoples little vtwins
  17. So much better than stock image.