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Honda new CBR 125R VS the Yamaha new YZF-R125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by samsico, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hello I found interesting blog story here to share :)


    new R125 generates 12% more power, than too at 1000 revs low and pumps out 15.4% more torque at the same rpm. What does this mean? The YZF R125 leaves the CBR 125R for dead. Ok, lemme add, the R125 even weighs 1.2 kg less than the CBR!

    Wondering when will be YZF-R125 available in Australia. I will be interested to have one first. :grin:
  2. Don't forget the CBR125R they are comparing it to is the UK carby version. The OZ version has Honda's PGM-FI fuel injection system.

    But despite this the R125 still seems much better, has wide tyres and build quality should be better than Honda's Thailand built CBR125R.

  3. the yamy looks a better bike but the hondas has a more relaxed posi
    depends on what you prefer
  4. After seeing the CBR 125 at the Bike Expo i was left thinking...
    the 1000 is a Fireblade.
    The 250 is the Baby Blade.
    This thing is a Razor Blade it is that damned narrow.
  5. Can I throw my bike into the mix... I know its 200cc, but it's cheaper than the others, so I think it's allowed in the race.

    15NM of torque, 12.5kws and 115kgs. Has some decent specs. More power, more torque, less weight than the R125.

    Even wider back tyre, 140 vs 130 of the Yamaha.


    come on... like you didn't know i was gonna post in a thread like this :p
  6. From what I have heard I think the yamaha will come in at a higher price than the CBR125.

    You would have to weigh up the price vs performance of the two.
  7. 12% of bugger all is still bugger all.

    Psybic your bike is interesting however...
  8. hahaha yeah they are all pretty light on for power...

    one thing to remember is peak power is measured at ONE point of the power curve.

    Car and Bike enthusiasts always compare ( i do it myself ) peak power only, because its the quickest way to weigh up the power of an engine. the reality is, you use the entire curve whilst riding/driving.

    With that in mind, these single cylinder bikes I would anticipate to have a very flat curve, with more power downlow than other bikes.

    Same way my TTR250 has only about 12kw( not sure, can't find accurate specs ) and weighs 120kg. So probably similar to the R125, except even more power downlow and even flatter curve. Due to this, it really hauls off the line and can easily lift the front wheel in first, second and maybe third... can u imagine seeing a R125 doing that? Cause it will probably happen... meaning its not moving to bad. Would beat my FZR250 off the line.

    Ofcourse... I'm hoping mine are even quicker :p

    NOT that it's about that. Its about a sensible bike for sensible people who can't afford a more expensive sensible bike.
  9. psybic,

    what bike is that? available in aust?
    is that TTR250 as per your last post? look good.
  10. Look out, Kwaka might bring out something with manual pedals and smash them both :LOL:
  11. TTR250 is a Yamaha dirt bike that I just bought. Just comparing it, because it is also single cylinder, with similar power and weight.

    The bike that I am posting about and talking about the specs of, doesn't really have a name in Australia yet, if I obtain compliance plate approval, it will be called whatever I call it.

    If I manage to go through with everything, it will be available early next year, pending import approvals, ADR testing, compliance plate approvals, etc...
  12. Its what is commonly known as "A Chinese P.O.S"

  13. looking at the picture looks cool :cool: that bike still using kick starter (chinese bike) not push button ? , Is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke ? anymore specs ? lemon color look like Kawazaki eh... :shock:
  14. Has both kick and eletric start.

    4 stroke.

    What other specs do you wanna know??

    and yeah, commonly known as a chinese pos... beats walking tho...
  15. ahhh my first thought exactly....

    maybe you want to look at the indians..... in my country there's one "not bad" looking bike from india powered with 200cc

    sorry for any mistakes, but i think the manufacturer is called either of the following:
    1. bajaj
    2. vespa
    3. piagio (but i think this one's not from india)
    sorry cant post any pics.
  16. ENGINE
    Type: Vertical,single-cylinder,4-stroke,water-cooled
    Bore x stroke: 63.5 x 62.2 mm(197cc)
    Compression ratio: 9.2:1
    Max Power: 12.5KW/8000RPM
    Max Torque: 15N.M/6000RPM
    Carburetion: Keihin PZ26
    Ignition: CDI
    Clutch: Manual
    Start: Electric start
    Transmission: 5 Speed
    Frame: High Tensile Steel Frame
    Brakes/Front: Double Hydraulic Disc Brake
    Brakes/Rear: Single Hydraulic Disc Brake
    Front Suspension: Inverted Hydraulic Front Fork
    Rear Suspension: Mono Spring Shock/swing arm
    Front/Rear Tire: 110/50-16; 140/50-16---Tubeless
    Length: 1810mm
    Width(handlebar): 680mm
    Height(windshield): 1010mm
    Seat Height: 820mm
    Wheelbase: 1250mm
    Ground Clearance: 200mm
    Tank Capacity: 10L
    Max Speed: 130km/h
    Max Load: 150kg
    N.W/G.W: 95/115 kg
  17. That bike looks great.

    How much will they sell for ?
  18. I'm really hoping to be able to sell them for $3,000 at first to online only customers, then release them to dealers and set RRP at $3,490.

    It all depends on the standard of the bike and if any modifications are required to make them ADR compliant.

    Also depends if I've done all my sums correctly and if I've left anything out of the costing equation.