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Honda Monkey

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Yep, saw one of these at New World Honda in Berwick, when I bought the Hornet. Bloke who sold me the hornet, almost tripped over backwards on it.... :grin:
  2. cool - I want one!
  3. I love it but $3.5k :)
  4. Three and a half grand is that what they are worth. Man I would laugh if I saw anyone riding one, knowing that they paid that amount of money for it. I traded my CB250 for that, hell I bought it and put it on the road for only $250 more than than. Mind you had about the same amount of get up and go.... :shock:
  5. yeah I wouldn't pay that much for it.

    but if I won the lotto I'd have two!
  6. i would totally own two if i had the spare coin

    one for display and one for stunts
  7. Pity they can't be registered. Reckon I could almost fit one in the boot of my car. Surprised they didn't bring the larger Honda Ape in instead though.
  8. Anyone know the power figures or 0-100km/h times

    looks ugly as i reckon probably fun though. Go buy a pit bike off ebay for $700
  9. ???

    100km/h?? Don't think so somehow.
  10. I don't know if it was legal, but when I was living in london I saw a few of these on the road. One guy had filtered up to the front of a set of lights and it had cut out on him. He was trying to start it (via the kickstart) and couldn't get it going.. so he picked it up and carried it to the centre island to fix it!
  11. good find. i always find it hard to find power figures ect.

    but i was being verry sarchastic about the power/0-100
  12. There was an episode of Top Gear a while back on the companies in the UK that use riders on what looked like Honda Monkeys to drive drunk people home in their own cars (bike going in the boot). Fairly sure they're road legal there and in Japan.