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honda lead scooter - naked? advice or criticisms most welcome

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jay_gee, May 27, 2012.

  1. hi everyone,

    i have a honda lead scv100. i want it NAKED.

    was thinking about removing all the plastics and going naked - then fitting custom lights/blinkers handlebars and battery box (which will also contain a bit of the harness that is bound to be exposed in the front end - thats where the battery lives). and a surfboard rack

    was just wondering if anyone has done this or seen such a creature ? wanted to make sure that there is enough chassis under there to attach things too (such as seat!). im aware of the honda ruckus (USA) and its smooth looks, not aiming for this - just something different.

    would be using aftermarket blinkers and headlights - likely with custom mounts - a friend is a fitter, not worried about looks - the more ghetto the better i say. i guess an option to fit custom seat posts to make up the gap between the chassis and the seat would not be too hard. obviously after market handlebars (and speedo) and mount needed - lots of these available from japan.

    tried really hard to find a workshop manual or picture of the chassis/frame to no avail, perhaps there is a scooter mechanic out there who could tell me my idea is terrible ? or fantastic ?

    it wouldnt take me long to pull her down - ive had the front apart before, thing is with plastic threads and self tapping screws - things never go back quite right - anyone who has pulled down a cheap car's interior will know what i mean! hence the hesitation to dive right in.

    all advice and criticisms welcome
  2. Its your bike do what you want.
  3. The plastic bodywork isn't structural in most scooters, so if you peel off all the outer covers you'll be left with a frame that mounts the seat and carries all the major bits. From there on you just have to find places to re-attach the lights, blinkers and so on, and cover the electrics.

    There are examples if you Google them, but check Google Images for the Honda Ruckus if you want an example of what you might be able to build. Your Lead frame won't look like that but if you get the plastics off without breaking them then you can see what there is to work with.

    Have fun!
  4. Your frame should look a little like this...
    Cut of the bits you don't need/want and weld on some new bits. Hide the battery and electrics under the seat. Mount the new lights to the forks with some P clamps. paint the frame yellow. Deus in sydney can help with the surfboard rack.
  5. Requirements for doing stuff to your bike:

    1) Do is what you want.
    2) Supply pics.

    Beyond that, be safe and go nuts :)