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HONDA LEAD 100cc opinion....

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ggeorge85, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Hello

    Anybody have this model ? couldyou give to me some opinion about max speed and it is good scooter if I want to go long distance about 20 km on one way and come back after rest for scooter another 20 km

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  3. hi, we've got a little honda lead. 20k is a nice trip on it as long as you don't want to go fast. 75 or 80 is about it and its not fond of up hill.
  4. I want buy this scooter but I dont have account on ebay because I dont have credit card maybe who can help me ? I want just get email to this person or phone number ? :(
  5. contact the buyer and see if they will accept money order or bank cheque
  6. nixon-chic how I can contact with him I dont have account there because I dont have credit card so I can't be register you understand ? :(

    and another user above said 75-80 but if I wanna to go up to the hill so can be big trouble?? ohh I have problem :(
  7. you shouldn't need a credit card if you have a paid email account. that;s how I got my ebay account
  8. I bought a Honda Lead 100 in June, it's great for getting around on.

    Top speed is 80km/hour, I weigh about 95kg's as well, but going uphill it struggles to hit anything over 40km/hour.

    Needless to say I have ridden it down the freeway to Wollongong a few times and it didn't go too bad, going down hill with wind I got it upto 100km/hour, but I had to slow down it was making noises and I wasn't sure if that would kill the engine in the scooter or not.

    I paid 2990 brand new plus ORC from Action motorcycles in the city, the under seat compartment is meant to fit a full face helmet, but mine doesn't fit. The helmet hook works good enough though.

    my only real problem is that there is no clock on the dashboard, but I may just stick a normal watch on there with blu-tac or something.
  9. My partner and I have a Lead and it, max speed about 85 and it it goes about 60 - 65kph up hills. I wouldn't be worried about going up hills though. I paid $2,750 including ORC.