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Honda, Kawasaki or Yamaha?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tluong, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. hey guys,
    i'm a learner and i'm looking to buy a second hand bike but i'm not sure which make is good. i'm looking to spend about 3-5k and am also wanting a low maintenance/reliable bike. Can you guys help me decide.

  2. Suzuki :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  3. i know a t. luong... are you from keys?

    to answer the question... generally the condition of a 2nd hand bike is more important than the brand. they all quirks. hondas are well built but have spastic cam chain mechanisms.

    just look for the newest and well looked after bike that fits in your budget. it's too soon for brand loyalty.
  4. Like others said.. condition of the bike are more important than the brand..

    All 4 are okay.. you forgot about Suzuki.
  5. I'm with N.A.M.; you can get all religious about brands once you've got the choice to buy something better. Right now condition, mileage and how much it will cost to insure is much more important than the badge on the tank..

    {And I assume you are also budgeting for protective gear??}

  6. Like the others have said, the Japanese bikes do the job well. If you're limited to 250cc, the Kawasaki GPX and ZZR are popular choices as a first bike in your price range.

    How's that for a pointer from someone who is biased towards Hondas? :p
  7. Buy the one with the prettiest paint job
  8. I suppose someone has to ask the usual question.

    Your 3-5k on the bike means you have an extra 1-2k for all the usual gear and insurance, right?

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. hey guys what do you think about the HONDA NSR150-SP. please let me know your thoughts.
  11. nsr150,
    its a honda
    looks nice
    good for mini-style-racing
    2stoke top end howl
    fun fun fun
    MORE maintenance than a 4stroke, regular rebuilds $$$$$.
    no bottom end power, need to rev its tits off to get it going
    uses more fuel than a similar capacity 4stroke.
    will blow smoke
    needs oil additive all the time, not just a simple fuel fill-up at the garage
    if you dont race it everywhere you go you WILL foul your plugs
  12. and bye bye ...licence :roll:

    get something that is a little more 'learner' friendly

  13. NSR150

    There's lots of them cheap- for a damn good reason.

    It's not just because they are small two strokes- Aprilia and Cagiva 125's have good resale value.

    I think they're a very nice looking bike. I actually think their minature size is pretty cool as a point of difference and the single sided swing arm is very nice for a small bike. Shame the same can't be said about the build quality of the engine...
  14. thanks for some of those thoughts guys.
    how about the GPX250R? what do you think about that. i'm really struggling to find a bike haha. i've bought my gear already.
  15. The GPX250 is about the ideal faired learners bike. Ive got a ZZR250 which is for the intents of this thread basically the same bike mechanically.
    They're well behaved and fairly comfortable to ride, as well as having fairly good power output, enough to get you to 160kph. As they're a twin the torque is available over a wider range of revs, so you don't have to have them screaming all the time, making them a bit easier to live with in traffic. They're also very reliable, much more so than a 2 stroke, and significantly cheaper to insure.
  16. I dont know if i missed it but which state do you live in, you may have the option of a LAM if your in NSW. In which case your bike choice will expand.
    Recently (3months ago) brought myself a GS500F Suzuki (a LAM) and it goes great, good top end power and has a bit of get up and go from stand still.

    If your in VIC try looking at the VTR250 Honda, nice looking bike and they run great from all reviews i've heard of and read.

    One more thing do you plan on keeping the bike after your off the restriction period????

    Good Luck :)
  17. what kinda bike do you want?
    sports bike
    commuter bike
    naked bike

    naked bikes are easier on the maintenace dont have to remove the fairings

    thats all I can come up with that might help you. sorry :wink:
  18. yeah i'm probably looking at a gpx at this stage only because there are heaps of 2nd hand bikes around the 4-5k mark and the gpx is only 5990 + ORC brand new.