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Honda Integra - '84 VT250F II (SE QLD) $300

Discussion in 'Archived' started by DragonCypher, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. Honda Integra - /SOLD


    Location: Warwick, 1 hour south of willowbank, 1.5-2 hours southwest of Brisbane
    Pickup required, or buyer arrange transport.

    Make: Honda
    Model: VT250F II-D Integra
    Year: 1984
    Reg'd: No, it's got a photo of a current rego sticker for proof I didn't just dig it up out of a shed.. but will be sold without.
    New/Replaced parts: CDI Ignition modules, most of the bodywork inc. paint, ducktail, integrated LED tail lights, 2 x brand new tyres barely run in, all 3 bearings at the back end are brand new + a few more I've probably forgotten.

    Cosmetic condition: Close up, pretty rough.. from a few meters back it looks quite alright considering.
    Clutch lever is currently bent also, but still works perfectly.

    Current Mechanical condition: Seized. Blew a big end I'm assuming on Sunday night (4th July/10). If you have a spare engine/parts then just swap the crank/rod and add new bearings, else an engine swap may be required.

    Any VT250F engine (1981-89) will fit, I've seen one with a vt500 engine also (water cooled version I believe), and I've heard stories of the later spada/vtr250 engines going in also.. but they may require more effort.

    I dont have the time to rebuild it myself as I'm leaving town shortly..

    I bought the bike a year ago for $812 + ~$400 delivery, required a windscreen and fork oil seal for roadworthy.. and has had many mechanical gremlins fixed as they appeared.
    Started out at 22,009kms, now in the mid 35,000's as seen in the photo.

    Still good for parts/repair.. excellent bike to learn on for a first timer as its extremely easy to control and can take a hard battering without falling to pieces like most newer bikes seem to do.

    Due to the condition I'm only asking $300, but thats even cheaper than the 2 brand new tyres on it.. front one would have about 600km on it, the rear maybe 300km.. barely even run in.

    Mod plated for a single seater, so yearly rego was only about $240 or something similar.
    Would very easily cruise the highways at 110km/h (indicated 115) and still had enough in it to overtake without the need for a huge run up.

    And for anyone interested.. top speed was kind of average at an indicated 160 on the dot, with acceleration (up to 100) comparable to most of the sportier style 250 4cyl's

    Will most likely be on ebay soon..
    Any more pictures/info on request by responding here.

    PM me if you wish to call and discuss.







    Listed on ebay - may still consider offers, but if the auction passes $300 this listing will be removed
    If this isn't within forum rules then I apologize, and feel free to remove it.
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