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Honda Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guest, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Could someone please tell me what was the latest year the 250 Hornet was built, would you say a 1997 (complianced 2003 I think) would be a newish or oldish bike ? Also is 20,000k a lot on a 250 Hornet engine.

  2. Check on www.hondahornet.co.uk the definitive repository of all things Hornet-ish

    20,000 kms is not a big deal on any modern four-stroke engine, assuming regular and efficient services have been carried out.

    I bought my 600 Hornet in March last year, with 52,000kms on the clock, it now has 71,000 and runs like a swiss watch.....

    And a guy in England did 400,000 MILES on a VFR-750 used as a courier bike. He replaced the engine at that mileage and now has done over 800,000 miles on it, it's nearly due for its THIRD engine......
  3. My posite bike's running like a swiss watch at the moment......a swiss watch bought off a guy on the beach in Bali :grin: :grin:

    i realise i've added nothing to this thread at all, and for that i am truly sorry.
  4. Mine has 18k kms on it. Its like brand new.

    Are you looking at one in the paper or something? Or the one at Ringwood A1?
  5. Late last week the Avalon (NSW) machine was still available too..... (bikesales)
  6. I bought mine 3 weeks ago and only got my L's just over a wk ago and been going for a ride veryday after work since. It's an awesome looking bike and very fast for a 250. Im still trying to get use to the very sensitive throttle though
  7. Hey Ezyrider - where about are you located? Seems there is few hornet 250 owners in Vic on this forum.
  8. We need to organise a Hornet ride around some of the fine roads in the hills I think!

  9. Great idea Roughcactus. I'm in the Tullamarine area
  10. I can chase you all round the hills on my big cruiser and show you that I can crank a cruiser over like a wee bike......
    Just wait till I get the bull bar fitted.

    My bike wants to be smaller and lighter but its not, thinks it is the way I ride it.....let me know and i go TEC
  11. Mine is 96. 23K - BRand New Condition.

    They're fine and dandy mate.
  12. Hey Stookie, you should wait till you're asleep before you start dreaming, us Hornet-eers would HARDLEY need to get out of second gear ....:p