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Honda Hornet CB250F clutch cable?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Nathan, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. hi guys

    Just wondering if anyone knows where i might be able to get a clutch cable for a Cb250f, ive searched all the places i can think of and nothings come up. are there any other bikes that use the same clutch cable or a simular one i could perhaps mod to fit?

    Thanks Nathan ;)

  2. Honda dealers can't get you one?
  3. Nope because its a grey import :/ i can try find the part number and see if its the same as any of the other honda bikes maybe, now to find the part number!
  4. I've just joined today so I'm not allowed to post links yet, but if you look at Ebay Oz for Honda CB250F cable you should find a throttle cable advertised by Southern Cross Sports, sounds like they can get parts for grey imports, try them first?

    I also did some googling and the HondaHornet forum guys quote the part number as 22870-KEA-000 so I googled that too and got lots of hits, if the Victorians can't help then try that and maybe you can persuade someone to ship one to Oz for you, good luck!
  5. VicWreck in Heidelberg Victoria might be worth a try. Dunno where you are @Nathan@Nathan but they do a postal service if you aren't in Melbourne.
  6. Plenty available for the 600f on ebay. $13 delivered from china. Cant be that different. Length the only factor and I cant imagine the 600f being shorter. For that price who cares. If you're in a rush you could get gouged by Honda Aus for a 600f cable
  7. Thanks for the replies lads il give those suggestions a go and see which is best!

    Thanks again, and GreyBM im in Adelaide ;)
  8. Having it in your sig helps people to tailor a reply to your location.

    Vicwreck can post if they have it
  9. From memory, I'm pretty sure I installed a CBR250RR clutch cable on mine, and you can pick those up from pretty much any Jap-motorcycle wrecker. It fits as well as the original. I'll grab a picture of it for you when I get a chance so that you know what it looks like (just in case I'm wrong about it being from the CBR250RR).
  10. Haven't had a chance to get the old bike out, but I looked at a few pictures of the CBR250RR clutch cable online and they have the characteristic bend at the bottom that I remember. Looks the same as what's on my bike.
  11. thanks for the replies lads, Jack a pic would be great, im hoping it is the same or similar otherwise i have to get one from some company based in Europe :/
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    Last edited: Oct 29, 2014

    Sorry about the terrible angle – the bike is up against a wall with a bunch of stuff piled up on top of it.

    However, you can see the characteristic bend in the cable close to where it connects to the clutch. This is consistent with the one found on CBR250RR cables, which is in turn consistent with the fact that I remember it being from a RR when I put it on the bike.

    To be honest, clutch cables are fairly interchangeable. If it’s approximately the right length and any areas where the cable might come into contact with the engine are shielded with heat-proof tubing (just move the stuff that comes on the cable into the right place), then it should work fine.

    Some shops will even make cables for you if you tell them the length you need.

    I can get you the part number for the CB250F cable as well, if you want to try to buy one new. Dealerships won't be able to look up parts for that bike for you, but if you go in armed with the part number they can usually get what you need (particularly if it's a part shared with another machine).

    EDIT: I just had another look at the picture of the CBR250RR clutch cable and realised that it's not the same - the bend is at the wrong end of the cable. What's on my bike looks like more like the CB600F (Hornet) cable, which makes a lot of sense.